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Deputy chief in New York City Fire Department and elected by you and my class obstacle -- It is a topic but I think he's relevant for firefighters no matter -- -- proper -- of first of all of their old country. It doesn't matter where the city. Earlier Bernard. Fine -- this building you're there. And that you they are especially dangerous fire all the while a lower residential buildings -- look at -- -- that. Percentage of fatalities and injuries that -- are -- hurt her belt. Soledad. I think you'll find relevant to work murder -- As per class background -- that you put music art are. -- -- for thirty years. And it it currently working. It is had -- -- There and that -- quite certain all are so over the years and whose aren't quite a number these are some very well. When -- -- as well -- our life. Have not use some of the lessons. Art buyers. Our -- and some of them all that article that my career. Any -- -- but now. As art class started itself -- but I. And important in my class who want to -- as generic as possible. I -- I -- -- urban fire department. Most of you are from all accounts combination of power hitter and power. Water supply and other you know it just stop you -- -- -- more suited. -- -- the chorus in a way that is relevant. When you're -- -- I guess they're going to let him. Have my classes it is an interactive. Class. Let me when he hears me talking he won't hurt. I heard you bringing your experiences your opinions -- class. Turner classic style. We're -- used these sounds case studies. Actual art graphic divisions. And quite a number of borrowers to re emphasize -- I mean -- class. And that he instantly this construction. Patterns -- Are interrelated because for accountability and cause a lot of that has yet you're. We have addressed our if you're corporate structure. So we'll be talking about things like sitting -- overall strategy and plan we'll talk about polls -- place. Talk about this -- strange -- a lot of players. Along with -- third -- -- such as speculation. -- at all. Michael -- presentation. Will be dead heat run and walk away they increased depreciation. Of one of the dangers. Well -- all -- and -- -- -- with an increased ability to force attack these strategies government newspaper -- Okay well don't I hope you'll hear all --