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Mon, 2 Dec 2013|




Hi, I'm Tom Dunne. I'm the Deputy Chief of the New York City Fire Department. And I'd like to invite you to attend my class on strip mall fires. It's a topic that I think is relevant for fire fighters, no matter where you're from, for a couple of reasons. First of all, they're all over the country. It doesn't matter if you work in the city. Rural area or suburban area, you're gonna find some version of this building in your area. In addition to that, they make for especially dangerous type of fire. Although most of our work is in residential buildings, you'll find if you look at the statistics a percentage of fatalities and injuries that occur in the fire ground, occur in commercial buildings. So again it's a topic that I think you'll find relevant to your work, wherever you're from. As far as my background, I'm a Deputy Chief with the New York City Fire Department. I've been with the FDNY for 32 years. And the division I currently work in consists of Manhattan and the Bronx. That's an area that has quite a few strip mall fires so, over the years, I've responded to quite a number of these fires. Some of which went very well, some of which didn't go as well as I would have like. And I'll like to pass on to you some of the lessons that I've picked up at my fires. Quite frankly, some of the most difficult nights of my career have been spent. Standing in front of these buildings trying to put them out. As far as the class structure itself, two things I really try to enforce in my class, number one, to keep it as generic as possible. Again, I come from a big, urban fire department. Most of you are from small towns or combination departments where man power. Water supply and other issues you deal with and just something that we don't have to deal with in a large city. So I've structured the course in a way that it's relevant whether you're from a small town or a big city. The other thing I'd really like to, have in my classes is an interactive type of class. The last thing you want to hear is me talking at you for a long period of time. So I encourage you to bring in your experiences and your opinions throughout the class. The structure in the class itself, we're gonna use videos, case studies, actual fire to ground transmissions, and quite a number of photos to re-emphasize what I consider the main theme of the class. And that's the end of simply this, construction, hazards, taxes. They're interrelated because the construction of the building causes a lot of the hazards we have to deal with and we have to adjust our tactics to deal with the hazards caused by the construction. So, we'll be talking about things like setting an overall strategy in plan. We'll talk about old time place, and we'll talk about exterior streams, tower lat replacement, along with the various trunk functions, such as ventilation, search and overhaul. My goal for the presentation would be that each of us could walk away with a increased appreciation, number one, for the dangers involved in [UNKNOWN] fires. And number two, with the increased ability to enforce tactics and strategies that will make us safer on the fire ground. So again welcome, and I hope to see you all at Strip Mall Fires.

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