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Haltom, Bobby-Issues and Challenges in the Fire Service

Mon, 2 Dec 2013|

Haltom, Bobby-Issues and Challenges in the Fire Service


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Hi I'm Bobby -- editor in chief of fire injuring magazine. And I'd like to Philly and on some of the new features that we have on our new online version. A fire engineering magazine here. First of -- you take a look to the left of the magazine. And you'll see what the propeller heads call collapse -- draw. I have no idea why they call it that but basically what you'll see in there is our table of contents. And an issue search function that you can find articles by searching keywords like truck company a rapid intervention to find that related content. In this issue or for stories related to those topics also in that drawer you'll find. Thumbnails which were quick way for you to browse the magazine. An awesome feature in there is a search feature related to -- back issues of fire engineering for that critical information that you may have missed -- that you want to share with others and there's a whole lot more also if you take a look to the top of the screen you'll see that we've greatly enhanced zoom capability. So you can look much more closely at some of those important diagrams and photographs that are contained in the amazing articles and fire engineering we also have my favorite new feature and it's an awesome. Reading mode. We also due to tremendous requests from you guys. Have added a sharp feature. Called the share feature so now you can share a preview of some of those important training pieces in critical fire ground information. That you found fire engineering with -- fellow firefighters. Now as simply as using the click of a button. It gives you the -- two British. Share that information prior to that roll call drill -- that weekend drill that you're planning right now based on that article you just read. We've also made fire engineering. A much more reader friendly. Online experience for your Smartphone or your tablet so now you can take that information you need. Right to the drill field. There's also the ability to download your issues to your desktop so that you can keep an archive of fire and -- in -- you all the time whether you're connected to the Internet or not. I hope you're gonna enjoy the new look of fire injuring online and I also hope that you enjoy all of the new digital features like that it massive amount of video that we're putting into the magazine. And some of the other features that we have put into the new online version if you have any input about the new online version that you'd like to share with us please contact me directly. At Robert -- -- and well dot com. I'm -- home thanks for your support of fire engineering -- is suited FDIC. And please remember be careful out there.