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Why GForce

Mon, 2 Dec 2013|

Why GForce


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Story flowers outside in the factory at the -- -- -- and I asked him. Does the world really need another powerful. Well it it doesn't it never but it sure could use the new novel platform like we've developed here -- -- a little bit about the platform. We'll try and hold it to a little that I could tell you a lot of I'm very proud of what we've done here. What we've done is taken a lot of input from our European mobile customers were actually fire fighting -- a lot more about you. That we've built a new platform that allow us to make changes that might -- doubtful that any. And what platform models are available in the people. We can do this novel in just about anything of our department that or we can do all kinds of blog that -- the collectible these. We can do is -- -- now collectible you know it's now. Automatic pressure control we can do automatic pressure control with low pressure over right. -- anything they want to do. -- in addition to the European market we can do automatic with open capability. We're the first drop -- water out of novel about a person that didn't happen now Booker at a market can be done on this one platform. A product that's right. Can -- -- in different colors. There's a lot of customization with grip handles. The labeling is different -- what model but -- is I think what's most important if you can -- this now what one -- -- mind that your department in the need change. You could converted to an automatic in the future or converted to a collectible. -- -- flow rate change you can change the flow rate the future it's kind of like that unibody car. In what that. Well previously in the -- had a -- body and they had a -- it and you had to know the beginning. What type and now we were building. What we did was start with a clean sheet of paper or cleaned up -- if you will from our historical group. There with a clean them -- and that hope that we build a novel that has all the features that everybody ever after the war in one product. And still keep the -- down to where we're competitive in the world market. And we did that by what we Paula unibody construction. This -- body go through the entire product. It's assembled. Back here in the -- -- fell in the cellular manner. Were they can add the features and benefits to it won an order by order specific based. That you start park we don't have to have inventory -- itself and yet we can deliver the next day because of the tire manufacturing. It also allows us to make a lot of the part in high point which has not been done in the fire industry. We'll pick in this novel -- world market at a price point that competitive -- World manufacturers and yet what the quality the T -- he's been known for forty years. That we do that -- standardized parts you can be rearranged to make different doubtful for the amazing. That is amazing in this -- story about development over two years ago. With simply wind to make -- dual pressure automatic. And the engineering team here that people all of this into a whole new platform that I think it's gonna -- -- -- Carla I would almost welcome anybody come operate and -- that -- that we would do that. We know that at this price point people are gonna say. That -- really made America absolutely it's made with very high tech -- With profit -- -- were able to combine multiple operations. Than the one. It used to be -- milling machine turning machine. We -- machine that can combine that in the one operation save you demonic -- So we can make high volume run. Common part cellular manufacturing. You give us a very competitive world market platform. I want to thank you for taking time block them don't have to -- -- of the -- good. I -- to a platform. Thank them. --