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Why GForce

Fri, 15 Nov 2013|

Why GForce



[MUSIC] Stewart, while we're outside in the factory, at the [UNKNOWN], can I ask you does the world really need another nozzle? Well it, it doesn't need another nozzle but it sure could use a new nozzle platform like we developed here. Can you tell me a little bit about the platform? Oh, I'll try and hold it to a little bit. I can tell you a lot about it. I'm very proud of what we've done here. What we've done is taken a lot of input from our European and global customers where actually, firefighting varies a lot more than it does in the US. And we've built a new platform that allows us to make changes to customize this nozzle to any need worldwide. Okay. What platform models are available in the G-Force? We can do this nozzle in just about anything a fire department could ask for. We can do all kinds of fog patterns. Fixed teeth. Selectable teeth. Spinning teeth. We can do a fixed gallage nozzle, selectable gallage nozzle, automatic pressure control. We can do automatic pressure control with low pressure override. So anything they wanna do, send an addition to the European Market, we can do automatic repulsing capabilities, where the first drop of water out of the nozzle comes out at pressure. Any type of nozzle currently on the market can be done on this one platform. How about accessorizing it. Can I get it in different colors. There's a lot of customization with grip handles the labeling is different by what model type it is. I think what's most important is you can buy this nozzle with one need in mind and if your department needs change. You can convert it to an automatic in the future. Or convert it to a selectable in the future. Or if your flow rates change, you could change the flow rates in the future. It's kind of like a unibody car, okay? In what sense? Well, previously nozzles had a valve body. And they had a front end. And you had to know from the beginning what type of nozzle you were building. What we did was start with a clean sheet of paper. Or a clean napkin if you will from our historical roots. Starting with a clean napkin and said how can we build a nozzle that has all of the features that everyone has ever asked us for in one product and still keep the cost down to where we're competitive in a world market. And we did that by what we call a unibody construction. This valve body goes through the entire product. It's assembled back here in the [UNKNOWN] cell, in a cellular manner where they can add the features and benefits to it on an order by order specific basis. That keeps our costs down. We don't have to have inventory on the shelf. And yet we can deliver the next day because of the cellular manufacturing. It also allows us to make a lot of the parts at high volume, which has not been done in the fire industry. We're making this nozzle for a world market at a price point that's competitive with world manufacturers. And yet, with the quality, the TFT's been known for, for 40 years. And we do that with standardized parts that can be rearranged to make different nozzles for the customer's needs. amazing it is amazing and this nozzle started out development over two years ago with simply wanting to make a dual pressure automatic and the engineering team here. Has evolved this into a, a whole new platform that I think is gonna change the fire industry in the future. So I would all. I would almost welcome anybody to come to the [INAUDIBLE] and visit us and see how you make this. We would love to. We know that at this price point people are gonna say, Is that nozzle really made in America? Absolutely. It's made with. Very high tech machining with processes where we are able to combine multiple operations into one. It used to be had milling machines and turning machines, we bought machines that can combine that into one operation, saved huge amounts of costs, so we can make high volume runs, common parts. Cellular manufacturing could give us a very competitive road market platform. Alright well I want to thank you for taking your time. You're welcome [UNKNOWN] I look forward to your success. I do too. It's the platform of the future. Thanks, Sir. Thank you. [MUSIC]