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Task Force Tips Foam Attachment

Mon, 2 Dec 2013|

Task Force Tips Foam Attachment


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-- and multi expansion foam attachments are designed specifically to enhance -- application performance. Through the GeForce series of fixed collectible gallons. And automatic muscles both attachments are easily added or removed using simple clamping mechanism that attaches to the nozzles front bumper. Produced from lightweight high strength -- Both the -- expansion and multi expansion attachments are ideally suited for class a and flammable liquid -- applications. The multi expansion attachment offers the highest -- expansion. And Finnish phone -- time performance was synthetic and alcohol resistant foam concentrates. The -- expansion attachment is ideally suited for maximum performance. With protein or -- -- phone concentrates. For additional information on -- applications. Attachments. Or any other GeForce product. Visit you force that the FT dot com. Or contact customer service and 800. 348. 2686.