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Fields - Nozzle Forward - Practical

Thu, 14 Nov 2013|

Fields - Nozzle Forward - Practical



The only thing that every single fire department has in common in the whole country is fire hose. It's pulled on every single fire. This year at FDIC we're gonna be offering the one day version of the two day class, The Nossle Forward. This class is designed to not only answer the hows but the whys. Hand line management fire attack. Starting with how you orientate yourself to the line and to each other. It's simply and specific on the methods and the procedures to moving line through a building while being able to accomplish whatever model of the fire attack you might need. This is the most basic skill. That every firefighter should have. This is classic design to quantify the exact things that was supposed to happen, and when you were presented with the new set of stimuli allow you to alter your course and [UNKNOWN]. The end of the day, the whole process. It's designed to allow you to take apart a system for fire hose and apply that system to wherever it is you might work. Staffing levels, response times are gonna alter things slightly, but at the end of the day a good fire company is judged on its ability to launch a successful interior offensive fire tag,. Do good work.