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Fields - The working engine, an examination

Tue, 12 Nov 2013|

Fields - The working engine, an examination



This year at FDIC we're going to offer a class called the Working Engine: An Examination. My name's Aaron Fields, I'm on the OG of the class known as the Nozzle [UNKNOWN]. What we're going to do in this program is we're going to break and focus solely on engine work. And we're gonna focus on breaking it down. We're gonna break it down in steps. From rig to door, door to seat and what we do in the fire room. We're gonna break down the tools that we use. The options that we have on those tools. We're gonna break down the roles and responsibilities of tail board members. We're gonna talk about fire attack from an offensive perspective because that is the hallmark for an aggressive. Interior offensive group. Engine companies are judged on their ability to do successful offensive interior attacks. We're going to talk about the hows and the whys and as important as that we're going to isolate and recognize the skills that a successful tail board has and we're going to give you a couple of options on how to drill those on a daily basis.