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McGrail, David-High-rise Operations

Wed, 13 Nov 2013|

McGrail, David-High-rise Operations



Hi, I'm Dave McGrail, assistant chief with the Denver Fire Department. I'm assigned to District 2 in the downtown area of Denver. I'm here with Engine 3 today at 18th and Champa Streets, that's in the heart of downtown Denver. Engine 3 is comprised of several really top shelf firefighters, and. Lieutenant Miller and his crew are big fans of the Denver Broncos. You can see their backboard there. They're getting ready to go see the football game on Sunday and watch the Broncos beat the heck out of the Washington Redskins. In the background here, you can see a group of highrise buildings. Got our last significant highrise fire here about two weeks ago on October 13th. It occurred in those buildings behind us here. Very complex fire. That group of buildings is four separate high-rise buildings that basically cover the area of one city block. The fire started on the third floor and it communicated up to the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth floors. It was a very complicated operation, very labor intensive, very resource intensive. We went to three alarms, used nearly a hundred firefighters. At FDIC 2014, I'll be doing a workshop on high-rise operations on Monday, April 7th. If you have chance I hope you'll come join me at that workshop. I can give you some pointers and some tips. We'll be looking at this, a case study of this fire that occurred here as well as several other case studies of fires that I've had to emphasizes some of the critical points and critically important components of high rise firefighting. So everything from mission company operation. Truck company operations to the command and control. We'll be talking about it in that four-hour workshop. So, if you're interested in joining me on April 7th, I'd love to see ya. All right? Hope to see you in ND 2014. Once again, Dave McGrill from the Denver Fire Department. Thank you.