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McGrail, David-High-rise Operations

Mon, 2 Dec 2013|

McGrail, David-High-rise Operations


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I'm David rail -- you never -- department signed districts do in the downtown area of Denver and new Revision 3 today -- -- -- That's in the heart of downtown Denver. Engines -- Comprises of several really top -- firefighters and lieutenant Miller his big fans of Denver Broncos. It did at that we're there they're getting ready to go see this football game on Sunday and locked around his -- out of Washington Redskins. In the background there. -- high rise buildings. Not our last significant high -- -- here about two weeks ago on October 13. It occurred in those. Buildings behind us here very complex fire. It's a beautiful buildings -- sports never highrise buildings. That basically covered the area of one city block. The fire started on the third floor and communicated up to the fourth fifth sixth seventh many sports. It was very complicated operation very labour intense and very resource. Intensity went to three alarms -- nearly a hundred firefighters. At at Yankee 2000 -- you know you don't workshop. I write operations on Monday April 7. If you have a chance I hope you'll come join -- and that workshop -- sound -- game give -- some pointers on some tips will be looking -- this -- to get this fire that occurred here. -- -- -- -- Emphasize some incredible points incredibly important component -- -- So everything from his company operations in terms of the operations of the command and control we'll be talking about it now Laura resume. Loaded and join me -- -- -- of that limousine and I looked at CNN -- 2000. And once again Dan Quayle -- write -- thank you.

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