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Auto AirPrime - With simulated loss of prime

Mon, 23 Dec 2013|

Auto AirPrime - With simulated loss of prime



Carol County, Maryland again with Winfield volunteer fire department, Engine 142, 1500 gallon pumper, 20 feet of hard 6" sleeve or 20 feet of hard 6" with the floating strainer. You're gonna find something interesting. They're gonna lose prime, we're flowing 1,000 gallons a minute right now. They're gonna pull out the strainer and lose the prime. Lost the prime, put it back in, air primer automatic mode is working. You're going to see flow here in a minute. Primer's priming, and you got the flow. Pump operator never once touched that pump panel. They're going to do it again. [UNKNOWN] Lost their primer. [UNKNOWN] We're gonna come to the pump panel. You can hear the air primer working. You can hear it. And now it's primed. So another great feature of this device, the operator never had to go back to the pump panel and reprime the pump. The automatic feature did it itself.