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Hi I'm Rick we're asking for today's price nor should minutes public to take a moment visit with Cuba our image -- fire services image now. I'm not talking just about the new firefighter the senior fire for the copy officer of the chief -- and everybody. Everybody that's involved with a -- service see how you represent yourself. Especially on the public. As a direct reflection on the rest of us. And a lot of our -- -- is a self to probably we should explain the academy. To a lot of our young ones as well is is that. How do you do things how you act how you conduct yourself when you were -- sure. That has -- department name in the Maltese cross and out of they know here firefighter. You can't go out and act like the -- food of the village idiot you can't you can't go out there and and -- fallen down you know. You know what after drink and or whatever and expect people to Matt Foreman impression that. -- our firefighters really liked it is better -- there's television shows -- paint this in a negative light. It's important for all of us to be out projecting the right image. The right display if you will as to how you want people look at the fires are style if you want to have. A little but understand what you mean to a child her for instance. The go to your local bookstore go to the bookstore. And walk into the children's section write down how many books have a firefighter EMT. Fire -- -- ladder truck and most whatever. And -- right Amaral pro pick on refers sorry but -- -- -- how how many have -- you'll you'll immediately begin to understand. Just what you mean to a child but again protecting her image you can't. When you put your hand up when you screw them home now when you -- -- the future as we took at Ole. You gave up a lot of your rights. And there there's something that comes along with that -- you're assessing I'm firefighter America's bravest and all that kind of stuff you see any outside. Take something that he inside. Those connected. And those with with with good mentors -- people saying look do this don't do the general -- when you think about your reactions and how -- represent all of us. Those are the kind of people that end up doing well and projecting -- professional image about what we do in the colors service. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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