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Fri, 24 Jan 2014|




[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Rick Lasky for today's Pride and Ownership minutes I'd like to take a moment and visit with you about our image. The fire services image. Now, I'm not talking just about the new fire fighter, the senior fire fighter, the company officer, or the chief. I'm talking about everybody, everybody that's involved in the fire service. See how you represent yourself. Specially out in the public, is a direct reflection on the rest of us. And a lot of our fire fighters, and this is something probably we should explain at the academy, to a lot of our young ones, is well, is, is that, how you do things, how you act, how you conduct yourself when you're wearing that shirt that has that department of the multius cross [iii]. If they know you are a fighter fighter. You can't go out and act like the buffoon or the village idiot. You can't, you can't go out there and, and be falling down, you know, you know what after drinking or whatever and expect people to not form an impression that wow, are firefighters really like that? It's bad enough there's television shows that paint us in a negative light. It's important for all of us to be out there projecting the right image, the right display if you will as to how you want people to look at the fire service. Now, if you want to have a little bit better understanding of what you mean to a child for instance, then go to your local bookstore. Go to the bookstore. If you walk into the children's section write down how many books have a firefighter an EMT a fire engine a ladder truck an ambulance whatever and write, I'm a roofer so I'll pick on roofers sorry, but write how many have roofers in it. You'll, you'll immediately begin to understand just what you mean to a child. But again, protecting our image, you can't, when you put your hand up, when you **** that helmet on, you pin that badge to your chest, when you took that oath, you gave up a lot of your rights. And there's something that comes along with that pounding your chest saying I'm a Fire Fighter, I'm America's bravest and all that kind of stuff you see on the outside. It takes something on the inside. Those connected and those with good mentors of people saying do this don't do that all and when you think about your actions and how you're representing all of us those are the kind of people that end up doing well and projecting a professional image about what we do in the fire service. I'm Rick Lasky, and that's today's pride and ownership minutes. Be safe.

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