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Thu, 16 Jan 2014|




[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Aaron Heller, and I'm a captain with Hamilton township engine 19 in New Jersey, and I'm also an instructor with the FDIC. This morning we're gonna talk about discussing things with the crew when we come on duty. And we're not talking about simply what goes on in the firehouse, but what goes on before we ever got there. I try to get the idea of what the crew's mood is every morning, see what's going on in their live's, see if they had a rough night at the pub the night before, or if their mind is somewhere else worrying about a sick family member or something like that. It's important to know where the guys are and what's going on. This helps me go through my day and understand what we're gonna do, and what we may face just on a personal level. Before we ever get involved in stretching line or hook and ceilings. It's really important to know where they're at what they're feeling and what's, what they're thinking about. I like to know what they did, how'd this baseball game go over the weekend, how the kids are doing in the school play, things like that. The more personable you are with your crew the better off they're gonna be and the more trust you're gonna have in each other. That's a great way to start off just having a cup of coffee in the morning with the guys.