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Large Area Search Technique

Tue, 14 Jan 2014|

Todd Ackerson discusses a proactive rapid intervention team (RIT) capable of mitigating worst-case situations.



[BLANK_AUDIO] Hey guys, thanks for tuning in. My name is Todd Ackerson, Battalion Chief of the Kansas City Missouri Fire Department. Our class is about large area search. Over ten years ago, we lost one of our own, and we didn't really have anything that worked at the time. Now this technique, we call it Kansas City Las, we've developed, and the class is kind of going to take you through. How the class was developed, how we brought it through the department, how it changed our RITGOG. And how it really helped our Mayday GOG as well. The first position is 18 members. Come on up guys. We break a four man team into two groups. A-team, lead in. This is, typically for us, is a captain with our fire department. A guy that really knows, how to operate a camera well. [INAUDIBLE] Next person on the a-team is a mule. Typically, this is one of our strong guys on the company. [INAUDIBLE] Does a lot of work. In this technique. The next group, go ahead guys. After they complete their search and find a victim down, then we bring the b team in. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, this is our b team lead in, he's also going to help O'Neil drag the firefighter out. And then we have the B Team lead out. This individual has to have good camera skills, as well. And he will lead the team out, as, after they find the victim. Go ahead, guys. Okay, both teams have entered the building now. Found the down firefighter and they are going to be on the way out. So we're gonna show you what that looks like. Come on, guys. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, this is a technique that uses a rope. And a thermal imager. Looking forward to seeing you guys in class. We'll go over this in more detail and if we're lucky we'll even have some time for some hands-on. So see you in FDIC 2014.

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