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Large Area Search Technique

Wed, 19 Mar 2014|

Todd Ackerson discusses a proactive rapid intervention team (RIT) capable of mitigating worst-case situations.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey guys thanks for two and and and my name is Todd -- the 10-Q for the Kansas City, Missouri fire department are classes about larger search. Well over ten years ago we lost one of her -- and we didn't really have. Any thing. That work and at the time. Now this technique we call him that he -- We've developed. And the class is gonna kinda take you through. How the class was developed I would rather do the department chain are written -- and how it really helped our Lady Gaga well. The first position as a team member. Come -- -- guys. We break up four man team and two groups eighteen. -- and this is typically for us -- -- captain with our our apartment. -- -- really knows how to operate the camera well. Next person on the eighth game of the meal. Typically this of of one of our strong guys on the company. Does a lot of work. In this -- The next group who -- got. After they complete their search and find -- victim down and we bring the -- team man. -- -- -- The team leader and he's also gonna help -- -- -- a firefighter out. And then we have the -- team lead out. This individual had to have good camera skills as well. And he will lead the team out. After they find that there. -- -- -- Okay both teams have entered the building now. -- out firefighter and they're going to be on -- way out so we're gonna show you what that looks like. Smart guys. Okay this is -- technique that uses a rope. And a thermal -- here looking forward to seeing you guys in class we'll go over this in more detail and if we're lucky -- even have some time for some hands on. The CNF BIC 2014.

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