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I am request. Today's pride and -- minutes I'd like to take a moment visit with you about. That ownership that we talked about before. Good friend in my time we should be achieved -- should be you know from Oklahoma Illinois. Very close and dear friend that this story Ayatollah Khatami give -- my first lesson. In in in ownership and pride and ownership and then he's kind of embarrassed I tell this story often but it's a great story -- so -- that a -- Years ago we were young firefighters so we -- in their community. And fighting a fire in all three story school lower and they were trying to get to the floor of the with three or four -- of war. -- run for Joyce and and we were just taken -- will open inside there and others there's two other firefighters from a neighboring apartment trying to start their song gonna get started all this is going out Tommy can be asking it here chief -- -- can -- grab -- saw when you let me go get myself let me go get -- saw and over there at the time taken and I just knew Tommy I'm going -- Arrogant -- to make a mile and what is his mind saw -- my saw thing and so so about seven -- on my -- later rather than -- -- short time ago that you saw he was on the holly comes back yen. Starts -- -- with one poll makes my job a lot easier -- -- -- outside and this is not become an outstanding firefighter when Salvation Army canteen shows up must anyway and pound -- Chocolate -- you look Miami's own words put it all but. I saw Tommy and I intimacy Tommy what was with nickel mine so mine saw things might -- and he looked at me pieces. It's not my saw those are my guys and it's not my -- today. That's my squad that's my company and that's myself. And I didn't get it exactly at that moment and I thought about it later. And it was ownership. And years later time I mean we're talking he's as Ricky you know that's not myself but when I walk -- -- firehouse mourning the blade to be full target -- -- empty the plot will follow -- I'm not gonna -- worry. I'd -- to try to get to that other. Kill that leadership I'm gonna worry about the things -- -- -- and that the things -- can't -- -- clean blade up hope he'll fill up blow to plug up because today it's mine saw. Today that's my saw today that's my -- my company. Today. That's that's my stuff that's how we do our job so there's so much more to the ownership images animal firefighters about how you look at what you do where you read and things you take -- -- in the firehouse in the the PP taker well there helps to -- pride and ownership. I'm Rick last year and that was your pardon or shipments for today BC.