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Tue, 10 Dec 2013|




[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Rick Lasky. And for today's Price and Ownership minutes, I'd like to take a moment and visit with you about that ownership, that we talked about before. Good friend of mine, Tommy Shebino. Chief Tommy Shebino from Okla Illinois. Very close and dear friend. The story I tell, Tommy gave me my first lesson, in, in, in ownership, in pride and ownership, and, and he's kind of embarrassed I tell this story often, but it's a great story, Tommy, so I'm gonna tell it. Years ago, when we were young firefighters, we were in their community and fighting a fire in an old three story school. While we're in there, we're trying to get through the floor, the, the, the, we had three or four layers of floor. Fire went in the floor joist and, and we were just taking a whupping inside there. And there's two other firefighters from a neighboring department trying to start their saw and couldn't get it started. And all this was going on. Tommy kept asking the [UNKNOWN] chief, hey chief, can I go get my saw? Will let me go get my saw, let me go get my saw. And, and I'm over there at the time thinking, and I just knew Tommy. I'm going, you little. Arrogant cussing me, come on. What is this my saw, my saw thing. And so, so, about seven or eight saws, my saws later. The, the interior chief says, alright Tommy go get your saw. He goes out in the hall way, comes back in. Starts his saw with one pull. Makes my job a lot easier. So now we're outside and, this is when I become an outstanding fire fighter when the Salvation Army canteen shows up and I'm outstanding waiting on pound cake and hot chocolate. Now you're looking at me and going where's he put it all. But, I saw Tommy and I asked him and I say, hey Tommy what was with that whole my saw, my saw thing, my saw? And he looked at me he says, that's not my saw and those aren't my guys and that's not my squad, but today that's my squad, that's my company and that's my saw. And I didn't get it exactly at that moment and I thought about it later. And, and that was ownership. And years later, Tommy and I were talking, and he says, Ricky, you know, that's not my saw, but when I walked in the firehouse this morning, the blade could be full of tar, the tank could be empty, the plug all fouled up, I'm not gonna go worry, I'm not gonna try and get to that other captain of the other ship, I'm gonna worry about the things I could fix, and not the things I can't, so I'm gonna clean the blade up, put, you know, fill it up, blow the plug out, because today it's my saw, today that's my saw. Today, that's my firehouse, my company, today, that's my stuff. That's how we do our job. So there's so much more to the ownership thing than just saying I'm a firefighter, it's about how you look at what you do, where you're at, and the things you take care of in the fire house and the people you take care of out there helps define pride and ownership. I'm Rick Lasky, and that was your prior notice shipment for today. Be safe.