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Mon, 3 Feb 2014|

Mike Donahue


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-- I started you. -- britney's -- that things didn't go easy this year at the eyes out and -- This -- connecting. It people will rescue skills. To compete issue. Everett challenges that's well and probably do in order to riddle it out -- you import it back and say how this was. That is my goal. My -- every class hugely successful. Talk about not anchors just the laces mechanical systems. -- not stop there is not at all I don't -- it was a lecture. It's now. -- -- -- Upgrade -- again their what we're doing hands on and a good time. And the reason why -- -- hands on two things one don't like lectures and -- You'll learn faster -- learning process accelerated. And let's face it anybody in the -- work and we're -- visual. On. So that's. Also gonna cross over that -- Don't we ever cross over it's all about this this man may look at do you think but it's not. This is that physics behind everything we do it -- rescue. Everything. You need to know and understand. Because this -- -- your operation. And it looked at -- -- -- now. I promise you you PP class. You understand this and doing it like you do that for years. Legal director apartments -- -- go to mark the latest day check this out. That anxious and Reagan well this is behind it that's not so important. So we're kind of get -- run well -- class. Which puts out all those skills and it shows you how all this meant that it -- It's going to be hand not if you want one come out say aren't. Sit down enjoy and have a good time so hopefully I'll see it -- -- and other fourteen it was seventh through twelfth. They say it progressive. And keep trading.