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Mike Donahue

Tue, 14 Jan 2014|

Mike Donahue



[MUSIC] Hey I'm Mike Donahue welcome to teaching tight rope rescue skills and techniques. The difficult made easy this year at FDIC 2014. This class is gonna take. Physical world rescue skills, maybe skills that confuse you. And we're going to challenge the status quo, as I normally do. And we're gonna break a lot of information down to you. To the point where you sit back and you say wow, this was easy. That is my goal, that's my goal at every class. And I'm usually successful. We're gonna talk about knots. Anchor systems. Belay systems. Mechanical advantage systems. And we're not gonna stop there, because we're not just gonna talk. I know this is listen as a lecture, but it's not. It's hands on stuff. I don't know how crazy it's gonna get in there, but we're doing hands on. We're gonna have a good time. And the reason why we're doing hands-on, two things. One, I don't like lectures. And two, you'll learn faster. The learning process is accelerated doing things hands-on. Let's face it, anybody in the business that we're in, we're all visual and hands-on learners. So that's what we're gonna do. We're also going to cross over that line that nobody ever seems to cross over and talk about this, this math. It may look confusing, but it's not. This is the physics behind everything we do in rural for rescue, everything. You need to know and understand this, because this will make or break your operation. It may look difficult but it's not. I promise you, when you leave the class, you're going to understand this and be doing it like you've been doing it for years. So when you go back to your departments, you can blow their minds away, and say hey, check this out. That [INAUDIBLE] in your rigging -- well this is what's behind it, and that stuff is so important. So we're gonna kinda get a really well rounded class, which touches on all those skills. And then shows you how all this math and physics is applied to it. It's gonna be hands on, it's gonna be a lot of fun, come out, say hi. Sit down, enjoy it. We're gonna have a good time. So hopefully I'll see you at FDIC 2014. Cable seven through 12th, stay safe, stay progressive, and keep training. [SOUND] [MUSIC]