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Tue, 14 Jan 2014|




Hey, Billy Goldfetter here. I wanna tell you about a session I'm doing at FBIC. I wanna invite you to join us. I'm doing a classroom session regarding fire ground command control accountability and survival. What went wrong and why? In a very short period of time in this classroom session, I'm gonna spend some time with you explaining certain incidents that have gone wrong on the fire ground. We're gonna dig deep into looking at staffing. accountability. Pre-planning, organizational pre-planning. Alarm assignments. All that. To see how all these different little things, little parts of this whole equation, added up to a tragic end result. See, a lot of times when we get [UNKNOWN] killed on a fire ground, it's not really one thing that went wrong, but really a series of predictable events. We're gonna take a look and see. Maybe it was training, maybe it was planning ahead, maybe it wasn't enough staffing, and see how that applies to your department and maybe you can then lead FDIC and, and, and take this home with you and see if maybe you can make your organization a little bit better [INAUDIBLE]. So I look forward to seeing the [INAUDIBLE]. This is like my 35th to 36th FDIC, I love it. It's a battery charging thing for me. And it certainly is gonna be for you. It's your first FDIC? Trust me. You can't wait. If you're comin' back again, you know what I'm talkin' about. I'll see ya at FDIC.