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Boise Near Miss, Part 1

Fri, 23 May 2014|

Helmet cam and dash cam video of a near miss incident the Boise (ID) Fire Department experienced at a dwelling fire on August 1, 2013.



The rooms that are up on the third floor, very tight ____ on the third floor. (Siren). [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] you copy [INAUDIBLE] copy. Significant exposure on the Charlie side. At the next engine respond on Castle North of the structure. Protect that next exposure. Copy next in engine respond to Castle, north set in side of structure. [SOUND] Go ahead and charge the line, Engine 9 driver. 15, we're already on location on the other side. Will you take that back side of the structure please? Yeah. take that back side. It's gonna be a defensive operation initially. Battalion 2 on the location. Engine 9 driver charge the line. [NOISE] Water coming. [INAUDIBLE] Do you have the Charlie side? [NOISE] [SOUND] [UNKNOWN] [FOREIGN]. 16 that are down on Hill Road or the Castle. They're trying to get it off to the North. I need a, it's two on the back. I've got agents 16 backing us up. I'm gonna have them pull a second line. Covington six two line backing up break engine two command. [?} Engine two command. Batallion one command. Go ahead command. Alright when I hit the ground I'll make you a fire tech group. You're gonna have engine sixteen and engine nine that's nine to you. Engine sixteen, engine nine and who else? At this point just engine nine and engine sixteen. Copy fire tech engine. 16, they advised that the house on the delta side, PD is clear and there's no body inside at this time. Copy, beltex exposure is clear. Engine two command. Command, you can [INAUDIBLE] delta, delta, [INAUDIBLE]. Command copy, yeah the delta exposure knocked down. What was your further? The cops tell me the main powers out. Copy break 15 orange and two is out. Plant two go ahead. Engine two did you Hill around, did you check on the, charlie side? That's affirmative. We're setting up a two and a half with the ram for exposure protection. We're gonna need a water supply. Copy, break. Engine 5, is that you that just pulled on location? [SOUND] That's right, it's Herb. Okay, get water supply to Engine 2, I'll have you work with Engine 2. Engine 2, I'm gonna make you division Charlie. [SOUND] Engine 2 copy, we'll have Engine 5. That's affirmative. Come in this is nine driver. Go ahead Engine nine driver. I have [INAUDIBLE] Make of. Engine 9 driver, it's hard to Brookline. [NOISE] Copy, current unit one. [NOISE] She may have short climb from location. Short five I'm going to assign you to the fire attack group. Assigning one as your contact. Copy that. Short climb. Fire jack crew from the off Yelena, Charlie side. They're over toward the Delta exposure here. Copy, agent five, totally division. [BLANK_AUDIO] [NOISE]. [sound] [INAUDIBLE] can you, [INAUDIBLE] come in, engine 4 is on scene as well. Property break engine four, I'm gonna have you get your crew and bring them up here. To the command post. Command post is on the alpha side, on capital. Copy. Division Charlie command. Go ahead command. What are your resource needs on the Charlie side? We're gonna need one engine to water supply. We're doing exposure protection. Confirm. I've assigned a G5 to you, I told them to get you water. Come in fire attack. Commander to 42 on location Go ahead This is [UNKNOWN] top to bottom, fully involved, this is a defensive fire, we do need another line on the delta side [INAUDIBLE]. [sirens]. [SOUND]. [SOUND]. [SOUND]

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