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On Fire: Can I "Ax" You A Question?

Mon, 12 May 2014|

Video accompanying Mike Ciampo's "Can I Ax You A Question?" article.



[SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] In the following video, the axe is used as the purchase point. It's driven in between the door and the frame and then a halogen is inserted into the purchase point. Now the ax is used to hammer the halogen in and you complete the forcible entry operations for an hour opening doors. After punching a hole through the door, with a halogen tool. Try not tap along the hole by lifting on the halligan bar. Insert the axe with only about a third of the tip in then strike down with the halligan tool. You'll notice the door cuts pretty rapidly. However, when we switch to a heavier tool such as we're doing with downward blows, the cut and the weight of the tool helps the door cut faster. If you notice the firefighter swinging, he's not throwing his whole body into the swing. The momentum of the tool coming down is helping cut the door.