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Standpipe Riser Replacement

Thu, 26 Dec 2013|

Ray McCormack and company demonstrate a 'Plan B" for quick hoseline augmentation in case of standpipe failure.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hi. I'm Ray McComack. Welcome to Fire Engineering's Training Minutes. In this segment we're going to replace a [UNKNOWN]. With supply hose. A lot of fire departments use inch and three quarter hose lines in high-rise or for gated-Y. If the stamp pipe-riser is out of service, they're gonna need a supply line. We're going to use a two and a half inch supply line for this evolution. What the department also needs is to have that hose bundled on the apparatus. So in case this does happen, it can be carried up to the floor below the fire, put out the window to the pumper and we're back in business rapidly. As you can see, we have a gated y with an attack line of inch and three quarter. It's going to be supplied by a two and a half. Once we make this connection, we're back in business. Now all we have to do. Is put the hose over the railing, down to the pumper, and call for water. This is extremely important. At a high rise building, your stem pipe is your primary water supply. If that should fail, you have to have a Plan B. This allows you to get back in service quickly with a minimal amount of man power. And get you back on the fire floor. When you recreate your [UNKNOWN] with your larger size hose, you wanna be able to put it out the window of the railing of a balcony slowly. We're going to use the things we have in our [UNKNOWN] kit such as webbing. We don't wanna just drop the bundle over the side. We wanna control the lowering operation of that hose. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] When a stand point riser is out of service, you need a back up plan. By putting your hose out the window, and creating your own riser. You'll be back in service that much quicker, and you'll be able to get the fire out that much quicker, saving lives and property. I'm Ray McCormack join us again for another fire engineering training minute.

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