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Bear Hunt, Part 2

Mon, 5 May 2014|

Kevin Shea and company take aim at some bears.



[MUSIC] I'm in the tree stand, where I shot the bear, And this time I'm going to be filming her. Lou's in the other tree stand. Let's see if we can make something happen. [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] Here we go. Full pass through. Beautiful. Right through fletching. We got a fine, I think yourself a pair. I hope so. He's a beautiful, he's a beautiful coat on that bear. Oh my God he's a beautiful chocolate. . So I don't, I don't have a. I don't have a clue what happened on that first arrow. It looked like it just flew left on me. Maybe I just panicked. Delay, delay. [LAUGH] Delay, chief. Okay buddy. Moment of truth. Let's go see if we can find this guy, huh. [SOUND] Let's go definitely find him. Number one guy. There he is. Just the man. [SOUND]. This thing's been hit since we left, Kevin. The bear was still standing. It was standing. Whoa-ho-ho. [INAUDIBLE], Kevin? Wow. The bear, we just left for an hour to. Let the bear lay down and die and other bear came in and already hit the bait. Okay we had to stop looking for, Herb's bear last night, couldn't find it so we didn't wanna push it in case it was still alive and we left, we're back here in the morning now. Looking for it. We're just about to start looking for it now. On the way out last night on this long dirt road. We saw 12 bears, we counted 12 bears crossing the road as we left. I just can't, I've never seen a bear camp with bears this thick before. Mosquitos every where too and I thought it was inordinate amount of brown bears, brown color faced just beautiful. I really hope that [INAUDIBLE] finds this bear. He was a, he was a good size. Wasn't huge, was a good size. Guides think from the pictures in where we stood. Against a can, he was, you know, over 200 pounds. Well over 200. But a beautiful, very, very light, coat. Brown coat. Darker legs, that's what it looked like to me. so, let's, just see if we can find. That bear in the mean time we're stopping to Beat a few stands to on the way out. We'll see what happens. We've been at it for a couple hours. And we lost blood a while ago. So not quite as optimistic but As we're looking here in the woods, doing a kind of search pattern instead of following the blood trail, since we lost the blood for awhile now. Found another black bear, tried to shoo him off and he hung around. Wouldn't take off, ran, you know clapped our hands, yelled at him and he was hanging around so wondering if maybe. He smells the bear if the other one that was shot is dead. You know, maybe he's hanging around the scent of that bear, cuz they have been known to eat each other. So, we'll take a look around. Be, be very, very quiet. The bear is on the beat, we're gonna try and sneak up and film him now. How to [UNKNOWN], that's a big. Pretty nice bear. There's a big bear. Big bear ran by but I didn't get him on film. He's right here. [MUSIC]