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The Arrow Maker

Wed, 26 Mar 2014|

Kevin Shea gets a lesson in arrow making from his friend Tony.



[MUSIC] These are the jigs? These are the fletching jigs. These happen to be left wing. And the left wing and right wing, meaning. You have to use a left wing bird using this jake. If it's a right wing jake, you use the right wing of the bird. Mm-hm. And it has to be the same feather of the bird. If it's Mm-hm. left wing, had, all three have to be left. Or [UNKNOWN] or preen, have to be right. Tony is the world's greatest arrow maker. [LAUGH] Tony makes all of my wooden arrows. Tony has tried to teach me this about several times. [LAUGH] It's like teaching a doorknob. [LAUGH] But he's going to attempt it one more time. He makes all my wooden arrows. [COUGH] He spines them correctly. What does the proper spine do for me? The spine. Relates to how heavy in poundage your bow is and, and your drill lift and it also takes into a factor if you're shooting a long bow or recurve, you should take all that into factor. Generally on a long bow if it's 50 pounds you're gonna shoot a 50 pound spine arrow. On a recurve you get a lot more flexibility because it's center shot and you can shoot a wider range of spine arrows. Can we spine one? Sure. Do you remember what the dot was Kevin? [LAUGH] Yeah Okay. The dot was Come over and take a look. That little dot, that's the indicator for the **** feather. How stiff the arrow is. Mm-hm. That's the, when, when this arrow goes on your bow, that dot tells you, how it's stiff on the side of the bow. It's the stiffest part of the arrow. So when you put it on the spine tester- this is a two pound weight - it tells you that it's roughly 56 pounds. Mm-hm. So that's matched the poundage of the bow Of the bow When shooting. Yes. Mh-hm. And also, Matt, now in your case you're shooting a 30" arrow. You really have to take that into account. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. And if it's, if it's a recurve, you take that into account and also if it's a longbow. Mm-hm. These are some arrows Tony just did for me, I'm leaving a dozen arrows here at the kids house in Lon Island so when I come back here to bow hunt, I don't have to bring arrows with me. There's Wiki Broadheads, and I have some jetle points and some field tips. And I've showed them on the shelf how that boom. There's the indicator. That's telling you that this, it's being consistent that you always get the stiffest part of the arrow against the plate of the bow whether it's a wreaker or a. And here's, some of Tony's arrows that he's worked on now. Watch your back. The dip thing too, right Tony? Yes What was in there now? Polyurethane Polyurethane? Hang them up on clothes pins to dry and throw all your firefighters out there. [LAUGH] Well we know how to use stuff for, right, this is the grading/g] from the elevator right? Yes Show them this. I'm always looking for salvage at a fire. This is the grate from the top of the elevator, right? The, by the light? Busted up. So it's perfect to hold the arrow straight, you know? I like that. [LAUGH] Elevated class. Next time someone's getting ill, [UNKNOWN] class. I need this for the arrows, okay? This should [UNKNOWN]. Spine of the arrow. The wei, it should be physically weighted to your bow. Right, right. Grain, grain weight. Right. Now, look at the world's cleanest shop. Look at this. [LAUGH] Let's pan around the shop. Look at this, my screwdrivers looked like this once in the Sears catalogue, for craftsmen, and never looked like that again. [LAUGH] Yeah, Tony's got all his stuff here. [NOISE] point and all kinds of Judo's and broadheads. If people are wondering if that's a Judo so we used these for stump shooting. I can shoot it into the grass or into the leaves and with that tread it doesn't bury it into the grass. I can still find the arrow. Where field point, these bury into the grass and we can't find 'em. And I brought some old broken arrows for Tony. That would have been ruined but Tony was able to cut these down and make arrows for the kids. [NOISE] Like Tony? Yeah. [BLANK_AUDIO] So we'll head out to Suffolk County auctions now? Sure. Great. Thank you, Tony. You're welcome. Thank you very much.