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Portable Ladders

Wed, 22 Jan 2014|

Mike Ciampo has some insights on efficiently deploying and making use of portable ladders on the fireground.



[MUSIC] I'm Mike Ciampo, welcome to today's segment of training minutes. Today, we're going to discuss portable ladders on engine apparatus. In many departments, you'll find the roof ladder on the outside. As you'll notice with this department, the 24 footer is on the outside. The 24 offers us more objectivity. We can hit the second, and possible third floor on a private dwelling. I understand that the roof ladder can hit a front porch. And a lot a departments like it that way. But our bedrooms normally are on the second floor. And the first apparatus to arrive at a fire is normally the engine. So having a 24 on the outside, maybe to get a person out of a window while still stretching the supply line, the hose line should be things that we practice with. With many of today's newer fire apparatus you'll find the portable ladders. Mounted high above on the side or up on top, and hydraulic ladder racks. For them to come down, you'll have to use a power switch located on the panel to lower the ladder. It's also valuable to have the 24 on the outside here, because we're adding time into the evolution. The engine driver, chauffeur, engineer, should always ensure when he puts a rig into PTL for the pump, he throws the master control switch on for the portable ladder rack. Remember, having a 24-foot extension ladder on the outside of the engine apparatus will enable us to reach a second and possibly third floor windows. To those bedrooms. This way we can perform a life saving rescue. We have to remember with today's short staffed fire ground, whether paid or volunteer, it's very important that we don't lose time. Throw the PTO switch on and also be ready to have the ladder come down. As you can see it's gonna take about ten to 20 seconds for this ladder rack to get down. So ensure that you have the main PTO power on so the ladder gets in position and we cut down time on our major revolution. I'm Mike Champo. Thanks for watching this segment of training minutes. And I'd like to thank our sponsor, American Military University. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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