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Secondary Patient Assessment

Mon, 24 Feb 2014|

Action Training Systems presents a sample of its training program on secondary patient assessment..



[MUSIC] Welcome, and thanks for viewing this program except from Action Training Systems. All the training objectives included in this program are listed on the screen. The following video is a short sample from the program. A complete listing of our training products is available on our website. The information you obtain in this history taking will allow you to make the best treatment decisions. It is also important to document your findings using the patient's own words whenever possible. As you perform your physical examination, stop and treat any life-threatening problems as soon as you find them. For a responsive medical patient, your physical exam will typically be brief, and will consist of a focused physical exam. You will focus your exam on the chief complaint. If you are responding to a trauma patient, you will focus on the injury. Many patients feel vulnerable when subjected to a physical exam. To provide reassurance, maintain professionalism and demonstrate compassion throughout the entire exam. [MUSIC] Thank you for viewing this program excerpt. [MUSIC] For more information about the full line of more than two hundred course offerings and other training materials available from Action Training Systems, please visit our website at www.action-training.com, or contact us at 1-800-755-1440 extension three.