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Converted Cubicles

Tue, 4 Feb 2014|

Mike Ciampo on the dangers of converted dwellings.



[SOUND] In this converted dwelling two fire escapes were put on the second floor for a second means of egress. [SOUND] The value of portable ladders cannot be stressed enough. Here you'll notice that fire [INAUDIBLE] exposed onto the fire escape on the second floor. This cuts off the access for victims and if a firefighter was searching the second floor. Ensure that you throw enough portable ladders to cover this structure. Fire venting from this window could auto-explode to the floor above. We also have to ensure that the vent outside is free. We may have to wash the building down and prevent it from extending it to this [INAUDIBLE]. Many new buildings have vinyl soffits, and cause the fire to run quickly into the attic. While stretching the first hose lines, all firefighters should size up their entrance and how they're going to enter the building. Also, look for other clues and indications of how many occupancies on the building, such as the four mailboxes shown. The electrical meters here also gave indication how many occupancies are in this structure. All across the country we're gonna find many private dwellings and local dwellings turned into commercial occupancies. Many times, the first floor will have offices, such as doctor offices, real estate offices, etc. And on the second floor we may find apartments. Firefighters should size up their fire district, knowing what type of occupancies exist. Older style dwellings may still have baloon-frame construction. When renovations were performed, we're not sure what type of voids or if platform construction or fire-stops were added. Always use caution when operating on a second floor. When you have commercial on the first floor and apartments on the second.

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