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FETM2014 ciampo 5_WMV9_Widescreen_960x540

Thu, 26 Dec 2013|

FETM2014 ciampo 5_WMV9_Widescreen_960x540



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] [SOUND]. [MUSIC] I'm Mike Ciampo. Welcome to this segment of Training Minutes. Today, we're gonna talk about pulling up to the rear of a commercial occupancy. Many times we'll have outward opening doors, and they'll be heavily fortified. As you can see on this door, we have numerous type of patterns, of bolts. [NOISE] There's probably a drop bar in here, but you can see there's different brackets. When we turn this door around, we'll notice. That one is just an easy bracket where we just lift it in and out,but the other one it has to slide through. One of the things we can do is take this off and actually cut the bolt heads and it will drive them through. Hopefully that blows the bracket off the back of the door. However in some situations this bracket at both ends, when it goes through, may also be bolted onto the frame of the door or part of the structure, so that may not work. Also, what happens if we break the saw. Saws are terrific but there's always the opportunity that we'll pull and the cord will snap. We have to revert back to, our hand tools. What we're going to do is we're going to go give you a little demonstration on how to use these tools to cut. Now we all know that the axe is for chopping but we're going to use it a little bit differently here. We're going to try and use the blade as a cutter and we're going to cut one panel at a time. Okay, we just broke the saw and it's out of service but because we came around with a set of irons to the rear, we're ready to work. What we're first gonna do is we're gonna take our Halligan tool and we're gonna use the point of it and we're gonna drive it through somewhere just below the drop bar and we're gonna try to go through both skins. So you're, again, like a baseball player. Just don't come up here and wind up. Get in position, make sure you're not gonna hit a part of the building, or if the door is recessed, and get ready and have your swing. Then we come back. [SOUND] Okay, you can see what happened in that situation. Not only did a point go through, some of the [UNKNOWN] went through. So what we're gonna do is, we're gonna leave that there. And we'll have another fire fighter come in, and assist me cut this door open. [NOISE]. When we put this ax in here, we're only gonna try and use about a third of it as a cutting force. He's gonna come in and we're gonna cut down. And he might do a little rocking motion. We don't want to [UNKNOWN] this whole blade. We're gonna have both firefighters work with the tools now. The Halligan tool is gonna be the striking tool. The axe is gonna be the cutting tool. In a minute, we're gonna switch tools and show you how a axe works better than the Halligan tool as a striking tool. And go ahead. Begin your cut, fellas. [noise] Alright, good, stop. Now, you'll notice its going to start running down and away. What they might want to do right now is come in here and come straight down. Move that front and back a little bit. Go ahead. [SOUND] Good. Good. Good. Terrific. Hold on one sec. Okay. Now, we have one layer of the cut done. We're gonna actually switch now tools [NOISE] And we're gonna to show you how easy it is to use the axe versus the halogen tool to cut. Again, example down on the angle. And drive it. Talk to each other. Alright stop. Now let's come down. Come straight in. Come straight in. Oh, oh one thing. Let me show you something. An old trick. He's using all strike. If you watch me do this, okay. Watch how simple this is to start. [NOISE] I'm just. Come straight down. Come back [INAUDIBLE]. [NOISE] If you notice, I'm not throwing my body again, I'm letting the weight of the tool, just drop. Look this. The tool's just cutting the door. Okay? Quick and simple. What we're going to do now, is we'll peel this section down. Watch yourself a sec. Peel this section down, and we know that sometimes we're gonna have cardboard in here. Sometimes, we're just going to have foam insulation. Sometimes you can have ribbing. You'll see here it was a two by four. Other times you're gonna have welded channel in here. Styrofoam, foam but now we can pierce this again, if we haven't and we can cut the inside of the door, using the same fashion, reach inside and try to move that drop bar. Recently a company had a tubular webbing piece in there. They were able to reach in, hit the tubular webbing with a knife, and open the door with conventional force for entry. Okay, you guys want to try to cut the inside of the door? [NOISE] [SOUND]. Again, we have a little bounce in the door and that's because it's not in a door frame. If it was in a door frame it'd be real stiff and rigid. Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Change your position. Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Your cut right there? Just finish that cut real fast. Give it one hit there and then [SOUND] That's good. Stop. Okay, now that we've punctured both skins, we've peeled the outside one out. They can knock the inside one in with the back of the tool. [SOUND] Then you can see. Give it another shot. Again! A firefighter can take his arm, reach in there, feel the drop bar, slide it out, move it left to right, see what he has. Also, he can maybe get some of the locks right from this. Again, this isn't your primary access. We like to use the saw. However, what can we do with hand tools? We're going to attack doors and ge tin there. Remember when a power tool fails we may have to resort back to the use of hand tools. Learn all you can about the uses and make sure there in the back of your tool box. I'm MIke Chappo, thanks for watching this segment of Training Minutes.

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