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FETM2014 ciampo 6_WMV9_Widescreen_960x540

Thu, 26 Dec 2013|

FETM2014 ciampo 6_WMV9_Widescreen_960x540



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] I'm Mike Ciampo, welcome to this segment of Training Minutes. Today, we're gonna talk about one specific tool. A lock breaker. Some people call it the duckbill. Actually a piece of steel that's beveled on one edge, and what we do with it is, we put it into a padlock to snap the lock. How you insert this tool? Okay, you're gonna pick up the lock and you're gonna put it straight down in. One firefighter will stand in this position, and the other firefighter is gonna strike, the back of the duckbill right here. [SOUND] The very important part about this tool that some guys don't know about. And, that is, we don't wanna put the tool in, in this position. What that does is it puts pressure on the toe and the heel of the padlock. What it's doing is it's just pushing it out. We have to ensure that it goes in right in this position to strike it down to blow the lower part of the assembly off the lock. [SOUND]. One of the things about the Duck bill, okay? Over time, you're gonna get burs on each edge. Take a grinder or a file, keep the tip a little bit sharp, anything that we have burred here is gonna prevent and cause friction here as it goes through the lock. Also, over time. When you strike this tool, like the back of the axe, the steel is gonna roll on you. It's gonna get metal fatigue. If you don't grind that off, when you're hitting it, striking it with another tool, those little fragments can become, flying projectiles and cause an injury to somebody's face. When we work with this tool, we have to remember. Just don't look at the lock and say I have to attack the lock. We wanna size up the whole picture, okay? It's a pretty heavy duty lock, right? But the cheapest part of this hatch is maybe back here past the attachment points. What we're gonna do, do is we're gonna have them put the duck bill here and we're gonna try to blow this part away right here, the little cheap pinch. So demonstrate that now. [SOUND] If you notice, after a few quick strikes they were able to blow this pin right away. Why attach this heavy duty lock when it was real cheap metal at this end of the asp. We're gonna have another example of attacking this. This time we're gonna put the [UNKNOWN] closer to the lock and see if we can pull this apart. [NOISE]. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] Strike. [SOUND] That time we were real fortunate, we were able to pull the screws right out of the door with just a couple quick blows. Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike. I'm Mike Ciampo, thanks for watching this segment of Training Minutes.

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