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FETM2014 ciampo 4_WMV9_Widescreen_960x540

Thu, 26 Dec 2013|

FETM2014 ciampo 4_WMV9_Widescreen_960x540



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Mike Ciampo. Welcome to this segment of Training Minutes. Today we're gonna discuss child bars. Some people call them child gates. They're not regular window bars or scissor gates. These prevent children from falling out of windows. Normally, you've gonna see these more in an urban setting. They way they operate is this type of motion, I'll pull it out in one second. However, let's talk about how they're attached. Normally, you'll have three to four screws or lags into the window frame. Sometimes they may be self tapping screws cause this has gone all the way through the aluminum and into the frame itself. [SOUND] You can see how they adjust to different size windows. Alright. And the other thing is that when we are going to attack these we'll try to maybe hit it with the housing tool one side. To pull the other side away from the window, and we can try walking it out. Sometimes that works. However, in some cases, these may be real deep legged into the window and it won't work. So we have to come up with other theories on attacking these. We're gonna show you some tips on a way to attack these today. In our little prop mockup here, you can see that we have the child guard installed. All we notice is maybe some drywall screws [INAUDIBLE] into the window holding it. So, this demonstration we're gonna have the firefighter take the housing tool and try to knock one side over, pulling the one side out of the window frame. [NOISE] As you noticed he just knocked one side out. No we have, the ability just to walk it around and have access into the apartment. Sometimes your gonna find child bars on upper floors and you might have to work off a portable ladder. It might be a little difficult to bang them with a howling tool. But we also have some other tools in our cache that we can use. One is a cordless sawsall. It's really easy to operate with, we're going to demonstrate it now, remember though, anytime we're on a portable ladder, perform some type of lock to keep yourself locked in as your upper body is working on the window gate. He'll come in and he's going to attack it, right almost at the window frame it's self. He'll start slow. [NOISE] And again, he has two options right here. He can try bending it out, or he can just cut the other side. [NOISE]. You'll notice you have couple little tabs here but we can get a victim out or we can then enter and search through the window itself. Also, if you have a little hydraulic, they call [UNKNOWN] cutter or rebar cutter, the little hydraulic power tool, you also can snip em with those. We also can use another tool to combat these child gates real easy. That's the portable bolt cutter. A lot of companies that have tower ladders have an extra tool bo, compartment up top in the bucket. And this is one of those tools you might consider putting your cache. Fire fighter would do is he's just gonna open up the bolt cutters and cut'em close as possible to the window frame and he can snap'em. [SOUND] Again, he can either cut this side or attempt to bow it out of the way. For demonstration purposes, we're just gonna show you how he cuts them. [SOUND]. Again we easily defeated the child gate. I'm Mike Champo thanks for watching this segment of Training Minutes.

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