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Cline, Doug-FDIC

Tue, 3 Dec 2013|

Cline, Doug-FDIC



Hi, I'm Douglas Cline, Assistant Chief with Oree County Fire Rescue and I have the honor and privilege of serving the International Society of Fire Service instructors as the president. I've got 34 years on the job starting as a junior member. In a fire department, moving all the way up through the ranks. There is nothing more important than being able to attend conferences and network with peers from across the United States and the world, as we will do at FDIC 2014. I wanna take an opportunity and invite you to come and join me. As I present a new program that has been developed called building the foundation of a winning team. It was so exciting when I got my email back from Bobby and the folks at FDIC in Pennwell that I would be joining the team this year, that was instructing at FDIC 2014. It's important that we actually stop and think about. Exactly what we're going to have when we begin building winning teams and building that foundation. Every good structure starts with a good foundation. That makes it solid. That makes it durable and it last for a long period of time. In this we are going to talk about 9 critical components or 9 major building blocks. That are important for teams that build winning teams. And that's what it takes is a high performance team put together with these foundations, these nine foundations. You'll definitely want to find out what those nine foundations are. But by learning this what we're gonna see and what you will experience when you put this into play. Is that your organization will being to perform at a much higher level. We are looking for that. That's the goal of the class. Is to get our leadership to the next level, get our organizations to the next level. This program will help you have the synergy and provide a catalyst. Can catapult you into having a high-performance leadership team. Also wanna stop and think about how important it is as you as a leader, taking advantage of these opportunities and building that winning team. I can think back to my youth, when I was actually on sports teams. And especially playing football up to the collegiate level. One of the things that was always built about, a good sound, fundamental team. We had certain building blocks that we had to have. Our offense had to be able to execute. Our defense had to be able to defend against what offensive manuevers. The other team we're playing. Well the fire service is no different. When we're building a high performance winning team we have a lot of things in today's world that we have to combat against. We have to look at staffing shortages. We have to look at that our experience level has drastically decreased in the number of fires that we're seeing. A lot of the folks that were around when America Burning was written in the 1970s. Have exited the fire service. We've lost a lot of our art of mentoring but this is the whole purpose of this program, is to build the foundation of a winning team. I hope that you will stop by and join me on this four hour program that will occur in the pre-conference time period that FDIC 2014. And on behalf of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors, we look forward to seeing you at FDIC 2014 where the official conference of FDIC is what the International Society of Fire Service Instructors calls home. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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