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Thu, 14 Nov 2013|




I'm Lieutenant Scott Kleinschmidt. [UNKNOWN] for reduced staff truck operations and single family dwelling fires. Everyday, do to staffing reductions and close companies departments are telling us, leaders are telling us, that we need to do more with less. Doing more with less is not really a reality for us. We need to figure out how to maintain with us. And maintaining through efficiency on the fire. Being efficient while still maintaining fire ground accountability and safety. In short, providing the best possible service we can with the number of people we have. So whether you're on a truck or you provide these needed functions off an engine or another apparatus, if you have less than desirable staffing levels, then this class is for you. We'll discuss how to properly build your company through clear expectations and communication. Backed up by realistic training regiments that ensure successful operations well before the bell ever rings. We will discuss tips and tricks [UNKNOWN] and sure it covers many key critical areas as possible by prioritizing the fire ground and successfully point our limited resources upon arrival. Look at how through proper realistic training and pre-planning we can take a reduced staff [UNKNOWN] company and successfully divided and conquered the fire ground. From laying the foundation and developing positional assignments that give the company officer flexibility upon arrival, to the specific duties and responsibilities of each positional assignment. How does sign a three-member versus a four-member truck through upon arrival? Possibilities of the door person position when assisting the first irreduced staff engine. Pull the outside tent position and widen this easily, is arguably the most important positional assignment on the truck. [UNKNOWN] Roof operations with a reduced staff crew. Traditional or non-traditional search tactics that include interior isolation and traditional best dos and don'ts when operating a reduced staff truck. A recent UL studies and how they affect that reduced staff truck company upon arrival. [UNKNOWN] for each positional assignment. [UNKNOWN] One on one drills [UNKNOWN] of the company. [UNKNOWN] 2014.

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