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Happy New Procedures

Fri, 13 Dec 2013|

Mike Ciampo shares some thoughts on ventilation and degrading structures on the fireground.



[NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] [SOUND] In large multiple dwellings, it's very important that you team up the first and second due engine and get the first hose line in place. It's very common practice for many departments to team the first and second due engine to the first line and the second and third due engine to the second line. [SOUND] Ventilation must be coordinated. Firefighters have to resist. Just breaking windows, especially when faced with fire behind them. In this video, you can notice the outside vet man is communicating to the inside team. If he wants the windows ventilated. [SOUND]. Once he has communicated with the inside team, and the hose line is in place, the firefighter vents the fire apartment. Windows. [SOUND] [NOISE]. If you notice in the last video, the firefighters proceeding down the fire tower stairway. Unfortunately fire escapes and fire towers are exposed to the elements. You can see this firefighter falls through. His leg through a rotten plank. Use caution when ever operating on fire escapes or exterior fire towers.

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