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Stabilization of a Large Truck

Thu, 18 Jul 2013|

Steve White and company demonstrate stabilizing a large truck that has rode up onto a Jersey barrier. Sponsored by Holmatro.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Welcome to Fire Engineering Training Minutes. I'm Steve White, Battalion Chief with the Fishers Fire Department. In this segment, we're gonna go over the stabilization of a large truck that has ridden up on top of a Jersey Barrier. [NOISE] We're gonna install two sets of the [UNKNOWN]. Structural stress. [SOUND] Keep in mind that the top of the struts were all gonna come in contact with the truck's frame. Not the [UNKNOWN] springs, no sheet metal, nothing moveable. [NOISE] Each of these struts will be tied together with a ratched strap at the base. The critical element is that we make good and positive contact with the top of the strut, to the truck's front. [NOISE] Ratcheting? [INAUDIBLE]. [SOUND] With the two sets of structural shore struts in place, that vehicle is now stable. Keep in mind we can bring that roll back flat bed wrecker alongside the Jersey barrier to do extrication. Disentanglement, patient packaging, and removal. That concludes this segment of fire engineering training minutes, we'd like to thank Halmatro for sponsoring them.

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