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Setting Up a Remote Hoseline

Mon, 29 Jul 2013|

Walt Lewis and company review setting up a long hoseline stretch to a distant location on the fireground.



[MUSIC] [NOISE]. [MUSIC] Welcome to Fire Engineerings Training Minutes. I'm Walt Lewis. Today we're gonna talk about. Setting up a hose line remote from the fire apparatus. It may be at a garden apartment fire that's set back from the roadway, or a commercial structure. But in any case, it's a fire outside the reach of our common preconnects on our apparatus. Here the apparatus has arrived alone, has positioned to the side of the road to leave address for the truck, so they can set up their positioning. The firefighters are going to work. The officer has called for a three inch line to be deployed from the apparatus with a gated Y, so that the pre-connect can be brought up to the area of operation. One firefighter stretching the three inch line as the other firefighter shoulders a pre-connect. In this case that pre-connect is a minute man load. The fire engineer. The driver, chauffeur, whatever your department calls him, has to help break that line from him, so he can take it up to the area of operation. Now the firefighters have gotten the preconnect hose up to the area of operation, the three inch feeder line is up there. And the connection's being made to the gator line. The officer has done his size up. Determined that, this length of hose is going to be sufficient, and where he wants it deployed. [BLANK_AUDIO] Any kinks in the line or anything else, will be taken out once the hose line is deployed upstairs. [BLANK_AUDIO] And we're ready to raise the hose line. Now that the nozzle has been brought up to the area of the stairs, a rope is dropped down to be able to raise the nozzle up. This is similar to Ray McCormick's pose stretch that he did in a previous Training Minutes. The hose is being hoisted over the edge, nozzle is set on the ground, the fire fighter's brought the line up and he's helping. Bring the slack up the stairs that we need. The door to the fire apartment is to their right. They're setting up with some extra hose coming up the stairs to work to their benefit. Now that we've got 50 feet of working length up on the fire floor. We're prepared to enter our fire department. Nozzle man takes his position, gets ready to mask, and the officer is getting ready to call for water. [NOISE] Not every department has the fortune to have four firefighters on every apparatus. But there's a lot of work to be done. This duty here can be done with two firefighters, but there's still more work to be done, such as size up, throwing ladders, search, forcible entry, and all the other necessary functions on a fire ground. We still have plenty of parking out front for the other apparatus that's arriving, and for the second line to be brought up to this area to fight fire. Thanks for watching Training Minutes by Fire Engineering. I'm Walt Lewis.

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