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Window Bar Training Prop

Mon, 29 Jul 2013|

Walt Lewis demonstrates how to construct a simple prop to give your firefighters training on cutting security bars on windows.



[MUSIC] Welcome to Fire Engineering's Training Minutes, I'm Walt Lewis. Today we're gonna talk about a simple and cheap prop you can put up at your fire house, or fire academy, to replicate bars on the windows. In true sense, the bars mounts would be over here on the side frame of the the door, but in this case here we've got it mounted so it can be used in various fashions. It's made out of a simple set of plumbing items that should be picked up at any hardware, store. And a buddy of mine, Jeff Roe helped me put it together. Simple flange, a one inch T, and a pair of one inch gate valves allow you to put rebar, or steel rod through it, and allow you to make several cuts training your new fire fighters. It can be done in a vertical fashion or in a horizontal fashion quickly and easily. The only weak link in the whole operation is this little valve wheel. For which you would need some thread glue to go on the end and to keep it in place. Or, take it off, and keep it in a safe place while you're doing your training. Lieutenant John Lewis is gonna step in and show us how well this prop works. [SOUND] [NOISE] [SOUND]. [SOUND] And then to replace the rebar, simply loosen the valve. Be cautious of, if the steel is hot, if it's freshly cut, you can lengthen it out and make more cuts, and multiple cuts off of this same piece. And then, when short enough, another piece can be inserted and locked down and you can start your training again. I'm Walt Lewis. Thanks for watching training minutes from Fire Engineering.

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