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The Job: Customer Service

Fri, 8 Nov 2013|

What's your department doing on the customer service front? Frank Ricci shares some thoughts.



Welcome to fire engineering digital block, I'm Frank Richie, today I wanna talk a little bit about customer service, and I also wanna know what you're doing out there to improve your customer service. I tell my men and women, there's 3 impressions you can leave on a call. 1, it's just indifferent. [CROSSTALK] You go there, you leave, nothing is gained, nothing is lost, but you really didn't make a difference. To most people's' lives. The second one is, they can think you're an ****, and this is really going to affect your public image. And the third one, and the one that we strive for on every call, is you create a new best friend. Someone who's going to write a letter to the editor, to your company, somebody who's going to stand out front with you when they're closing a firehouse in your neighborhood. The fact of the matter is, we should always strive. To just do little bit extra on every alarm. Be sure, as Anthony Villa says, wrap them in cotton at the end. You're there. Even if the call wasn't a real emergency, it was an emergency to them when they called. So treat them with the respect that you'd want your family members to be treated. Now check out fire engineering digital blog and let us know some of your customer service tips.

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