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Wed, 28 Aug 2013|




[SOUND] Hi, I'm Paul Christiansen I'm vice president of sales and marketing for Ferrara Fire Apparatus. We're based out of Holden Louisiana. Which is about half way between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. And today, we're at Fire Rescue International in Chicago. And I'm gonna show you some of the products that we offer. Hi, I'd like to show you our ultra chassis with an FD-100 rear mount aerial. Our ultra chassis is available in stainless steel or aluminum cab. The stainless steel is 12 gauge thickness. In the aluminum, it's in three sixteenths inch thickness, as you can see, it's a split tail cab, so the forward portion of the cab will tilt. The rear portion where the crew keeps all their equipment stays fixed. This cab can seat up to ten. And now I'd like to show you our, FD 100 rear mount aerial ladder. So, we'll deploy the table access right here. [NOISE] And we can go up to the top, and I'll show you the controls. The FD100 is a four section rear mount areal. It's made from 100,000 PSI steel, so it's extremely strong, and the ladder, as you can see. We've got cables off to the sides, so the sections stay nice and clear for climbing. We've got rubber rung covers and then, in between each of the, each pair of rung covers, is a glow in the dark fiberglass cover. So, even though there's no lighting on the ladder, the steps are illuminated in the night time for the firefighters. Our controls here, like on every Ferrara aerial ladder, are direct hydraulic. So my hydraulic valve bank is right down below these, controls right here. When I pull the lever, I'm actually opening and closing the valve, so the operator has ultimate control over the, operation of the aerial ladder. Never relying on a micro process or anything like that; direct hydraulic controls. All the electric is point to point and as you can see, we have a load alarm here. We also offer a load minder that provides a digital read out, if you prefer that. So we came up the driver's side, okay? But now what happens at the scene if the aerial ladder is operated off the back of the truck on the driver's side. Well, I need to be able to get down at some point, so we have a foot pedal that operates the other area, or the other turn table access ladder right here. Easy release and then we can climb down. And, now we're gonna look at our MVP Heavy Rescue Pumper. This one is built on our Ferrara Ember custom chassis. The Ember has a 3/16 inch think aluminum cab, plenty of room for the driver and the officer, have a low rise engine tunnel. And it's available up to 450 horse power. And of course the MVP Heavy Rescue Pumper is know for its extreme amount of compartment space, In fact it has so much compartment space that really can store everything but the kitchen sink. In the MVP we have we speed layers that are frameral height. We have another speed layer right above that so there's never any climbing to deploy or reload. You can pull the hose when you need to repack. We have a removable tray right here. Take the tray out, repack your hose, and load it back up. Above the pump we have storage for three back boards. The center section of the back board storage is completely removable. So when I take the center part of the back boards and the three speed layer trays out I can walk right into the pump. Of course we're using our traditional mid shift pump right here. This has a hail Q max it's rated a two thousand GPM. That this pump is rateable up to 2250 GPMs. The compartments on left and right side are full height full depth, so you can see you have an enormous amount of storage here. And everything is laid out so everything has a particular place it is stored in. So can see we have it laid out here for the operator with a pull out tray with fittings. [NOISE] There's your hydro valve gated Y, got our nozzles up here on a tray, we have roll out tool boards, pocket style and wait til you see the saw storage. Alright, everybody needs to carry the saws. Where you gonna put the spare blades and the oil? Right here. This would be great in your garage, but it's even better on an MVP. We have the DeWalt tools on a roll out tool board. So every tool has its place, you can see where it's supposed to go. So when you're packed up and ready to go home, you can tell if you have a missing tool or not. We're at the back of the truck now, and as you can see, we have a rescue compartment, rams, cutters, spreader, power unit, and reels all contained in one compartment. The brackets store all the tools, custom fabricated by our people at Ferrera fire apparatus. Coming up the passenger side of the truck now, and at the rear we have rescue 42 struts, ready to go. Release the velcro, pull 'em off, and you can, support the car, whatever. We've got a generator in here. More tools. Non-sparking tools right here. Here we have a water rescue, a Little Giant ladder and rope rescue bags. As we come up to the right side pump panel, you can see we have the back board storage that goes transverse from the left to the right. Here are speed layers and of course tool compartment cuz you're gonna need a cold drink of water after you're done working. Thanks for stopping by and watching the video today. You've seen just a couple of our products. The Ultra, FD100, rear mount aerial and the Amber MVP heavy rescue pumper. Of course, the MVP is always full of surprises, you never know what's behind the next door or under the next cover, but you can carry an all full lot of equipment in here. And, if you'd like to go to our website, once again, that is www.ferrarafire.com and you can see our products. You can click on the YouTube channel and see all of our videos.

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