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Wed, 28 Aug 2013|




Hi I'm Stewart Smith product manager for fire and rescue products Zoll Data out of Broomfield, Colorado, and part of Zoll Medical. And we're here at FR in Chicago. And what I'll like to do today is to show you some of our. Enterprise solutions for the fire service. It's a complete solution to handle all the records needs of a fire department. The one thing I really want to point out about Fire Mess Enterprise Solution is that it's designed to custom, be customized and configured to meet your department's needs. Every fire department in the nation, even though everyone thinks we do the same thing we have different business practices. And most fire departments are frustrated with their software. It can not be configured to met their business practice that they've adopted. [UNKNOWN] is fully customizable and configurable by the customer themselves through some minimal training that we give them with all of our admin tools. [UNKNOWN] enterprise is designed so that either the customer can have full ownership of the software at their site, or it can be hosted in the cloud. Now Fire Mist is designed to be a complete solution for the fire department. So it really comprises about 13 different modules to run all the different divisions of a fire service, and be fully integrated to reduce data entry, so that you don't duplicate your work throughout the department. As we're looking at the software, we're gonna see that there's a lot of different modules. First we usually start with our personnel module because that's the core of the product, you know. All the personnel information to manage your personnel, their confidential information, their certificates, their training, and any other data that you want to capture. We also have a staffing module that allows customers to know who's riding what during the time of the day and control their pay cycles and things like that. And all of that feeds into our other modules. Of course our infers module, our incident module is fully infer certified every year, and also has additional data elements that are needed for the fire service. For the training division we have two different modules. We have the training module and the credentials module. The training module allows the customers to build. Customize categories and classes to track all their personnel who are taking their classes for CE and then track their certifications to show that they're up to standards that are required by NFPA and other entities. The fire marshal's office is always interested in tracking all of the business information. Information about the building, chemicals. extinguishing systems and then also their inspections and other activities related to those facilities. Our occupancy module can handle all the needs of the Fire Marshall's office. A lot of departments have their own support division that manages their assets, their equipment. Things like fire hose, SCBA's, bunker gear, radios, and so on. We have a complete software solution integrated into this, and that can handle, and know what equipment is being assigned to who, it's life and it's history, and it's assets. WE have a fleet maintenance module that is integrated so you can control what is happening to vehicles. HOw long have they been in service? WHat type of repair costs are you encountering? WHat is being stored on the vehicle? It's fully integrated into the system. We have a hydrant's module for those fire departments that are responsible for water testing, flow testing hydrants and also taking care of them and maintenance. So that they can meet the standards of ISO. We have many other modules also that help handle the stuff that happens day to day that's not necessarily in a major category like tracking the number of. Tours that come into a fire station, tracking physical activity in the fire station. So we have a module just for the fire stations to track that day to day stuff. When people think that everybody's not really doing much, the fire department can actually show what the firefighters are doing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Everything I'm talking about is available not only on your desktop but also in the field on a mobile solution that can work in a connected or disconnected environment. That's what makes us unique. We do not require connectivity so that you can add have full access to your data in the field and make changes to it, update it. And then when you get back to the fire station, as soon as connectivity happens, it is automatically validated and kept in sync with the parent server and the other mobile devices. So at all times you have access to your data in the field. Some departments don't have the budget to purchase enterprise type solution software. So as a solution for this. For a lot of small departments, the cannot afford a product to capture their NFIRs reports. We at Zoll offer a free NFIRs reporting package to fire departments so they can enter their NFIRs reports and report to their state or federal government with their NFIRs extracts. It's called zollonline.com. If you go to zollonline.com you will see we have a module called fire incidents. It has a wizard that helps drive you through to setup your department in less than five minutes so that it can be used to report reinfurge reports to your state government. For more information about the products I've shown today or our full line of products designed for the fire service, such as EPCR. Billing, Cad, or road safety, please go to our website, www.zolldata.com.

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