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FDIC 2013: Mask Confidence

Thu, 25 Apr 2013|

Paul Martin describes the FDIC Mask Confidence hands-on training course, which includes overcoming obstacles, primary search, and VES.



Right now, we're over at the Mask Confidence course, one of the FDIC hot evolutions. The evolution is a four hour evolution that has been changed from year to year with input from firefighters and from instructors throughout the United States. The basic premise of the course is to build up confidence in the firefighter when utilizing the breathing apparatus. In numerous types of conditions. These conditions would include hazards that they may encounter in structures such as holes in floors, collapsing floors, wire entanglement, wire entanglement, missing stair treads and risers on floors. And it gets them comfortable in utilizing the breathing apparatus under any circumstance in any condition. Another component of this class is primary search. The evolution consists of a primary search that is done in a completely smoke-filled environment with the firefighters crawling through the environment, searching for patients that, or patients or victims that may be found within the structure. Upon finding the patients or the victims. They will notify the instructor that they have located the individual that they were searching for and will continue on an additional search of the room. Third component of the math competence course is the vent, enter and search. In this evolution a firefighter will take a 24 foot extension ladder and go up to the second floor of the structure. As he vents the structure in order to provide tennability not only for himself, but of also to the victim that he may find on the second floor. He will, in fact, test the stability of the floor by utilizing his hand tools or pipe pole. And then, enter the structure. Upon entering the structure, one of the main components that the firefighter has to complete, is closing the door to the bedroom, so that it will buy him time, so that he can search the structure thoroughly. Upon completing search of the, of the bedroom, the firefighter will then proceed into the hallway and continue to search other areas and other rooms. On an average, the Mask Confidence course has approximately 50 firefighters going through the three evolutions in a four hour period.

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