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The Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund

Tue, 26 Mar 2013|

A promo video for the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund.



[NOISE] [MUSIC] Terrance P. Farrell was one of the best guys you'd ever want to meet in your life. You can't say enough about him, you know? Quick witted he had Irish wit [LAUGH] just always working together, you know? He was, he was my partner, my buddy. Chaplains praying from all over the country. There's a destiny that makes us brothers, and none goes his own way alive. For what you put into lives will always come back into your own. That's that's just something that, you know, that's the fire department way right there, you know. We're all brothers in Nobody goes anywhere by themselves you know we're in it together until everybody's back home. Terry's my younger brother, he's in the middle of the brothers there's six brothers. And he was the only one in the fire service. He's very low key guy really dedicated to the fire service he loved the fire service which none of us could understand why. He was just a really good guy, from highschool. When he was 17 years old, he went right in, from highschool, with the Hicksville Fire Department. He just loved it. He loved the action, he loved training guys, he loved the work, he loved the comradery, he liked the team concept type thing. He had it's very strong opinions on things, but he was dedicated to what his vocation and profession were. And he was dedicated to the guys he worked with and he got the job done. He just got along with people easily, if you were a fireman, who was, that was his crowd. He liked being with them. That's where he lived and he breathed. [MUSIC] It's a volunteer organization, run by firemen for firemen. And what we do is we have four programs, and the fun one is the surplus program where we go around asking better off fire departments to donate their equipment then their apparatus to less fortunate fire departments. Our other program is we have a scholarship program where we donate money to scholarships for [UNKNOWN] vocational educations. We also have a bone marrow and blood testing program. We go around and we run a blood drive. And then test for bone marrow, and if they don't have the wherewithal to pay for it, we'll pay for the testing. And then last but not least is medical emergency program, where if a firefighter, or his child, or his wife, or anybody in his family gets ill and doesn't have the health insurance or what have you, we try and help with medical payments for... [MUSIC] We're an all-volunteer organization, and we operate on a n annual budget of approximately 3%, which means 97 cents of every dollar goes back out to the firefighters. If you call me up and say, my kid's sick. Okay, what can I do for ya? It's just that simple. [MUSIC] And recently the funders made some rather large donations to firehouses across the country. We've had, we're in contact with a apparatus manufacturer, they may donate some surplus engines. Last April in Indiana we got 30 sets of brand new fire protection gear for the guys. 300 pairs of gloves. We just got 700 gear bags at this venue that the guy can not use and we're gonna bring it back to Long Island and then donate it to the people that really need them. And we're also working on having a educational seminar once a year in February. Late February early March. Starting in, 2010. So we're trying to just go in a little different direction. Maybe sponsor some, educators to come and represent the Terry Farrell Fund. The Terry Farrell Firefighter's Fund doesn't have a telethon. It's not about being in the spotlight. It's about giving support to the firefighters who serve our community. The fund was established in memory of Terry Farrell a decorated member of rescue for F.D.N. Y. who parished on 9/11. The fund insures that firefighters and first responders have the resources they need to protect the public and the fund assists family's of firefighters faced with medical emergencies. Won't you help. Please visit terryfund.org. [MUSIC]

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