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Advancing a Hoseline Up Interior Stairs

Mon, 28 Jan 2013|

Joe Alvarez and company demonstrate tips on advancing a hoseline up interior stairs at a private dwelling.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] [SOUND] Welcome to Fire Engineer Training Minutes. I'm Joe Alvarez. Today we're gonna talk about advancing a hand line up in interior stairwell of a private dwelling. What we're gonna do here today, is we're actually gonna bring a cuff link and a nozzle to the top of the interior stairwell. Once we've done that, it gives 50 feet of uninterrupted hose. That will now pull itself up as the companies advanced into the structure. This works well when we are dealing with limited manpower. There are career departments, and volunteer departments across the United States that are understaffed and undermanned with the first due companies. It's very hard to get this line in place, so this is a key element when stretching lines into a fire. Okay, what we have here is we have the nozzle and the first coupling in place. The firefighters are on the stairwell and they're ready to advance the hand line up to the second floor. Now we're gonna do this in real time. Engine 32, wet the line. [BLANK_AUDIO] Water's been called for. The company's waiting at the top of the stairs. As soon as they get water, they're gonna advance further. They don't want to advance any further until they get water, because right now, they're in a safe area. They're in the stairwell. If something goes wrong, they can get out of this building by going down the stairs. If they've committed to the second floor without water, they could be putting themselves in serious jeopardy. [MUSIC] Okay, as you can see, the lines been wet, and the company is ready to advance. [MUSIC] Okay, we've just seen a handline stretched up a stairwell of a single family private dwelling. It's one of the most hardest things to do, even though it's the bread and butter of the fire service and what we do every day. Knowing how to get a line up an interior stairwell is very key. Remember we want to smarter not harder. I'm Joe Alvarez, I'd like to thank the Oakland fire department. Thank you for watching fire engineering's training minutes. [MUSIC]

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