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Week in Review: March 1, 2013

Fri, 1 Mar 2013|

Chier Bobby Halton reviews some of this week's fire news, including the death of a young Michigan firefighter and a church fire in downtown Indianapolis.



[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Bobby Halton and welcome to the Week In Review. This week we're being brought to you by the FDMY foundation and FDIC. The FDMY foundation and the New York city fire department are again bringing to you an incredible symposium. This March 14th and 15th, the FDNY is gonna provide a unique look and insight into the management and mitigation of Hurricane Sandy within the city of New York. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to and learn from the men and woman who responded to that super storm and who, by all accounts, managed it. With a system that was second to none. You have a chance to meet with commissioner Sal Cazano and Chief Ed Kudafo will be there among many of the incredible firefighters will be attending and presenting at this program. Go to FD NY Foundation and sign up for the 2014 FD NY Symposium. And don't forget that FDIC is only eight weeks away. There's still time to sign up for hands on training and workshops. Be part of the 30 thousand fire fighters who are gonna attend the world's annual greatest fire fighting conference hands down. And remember our friends at KME will be giving away a pick up truck to one lucky attendee no strings attached. They'll be a 911 memorial stairclimb. Please go online and pick your hero you wanna climb for. The Sixth Annual Courage and Valor Fun Run, the Fool's Bash Stop, Drop, Rock and Roll, and brand-new this year, Wednesday night, a fast pitch baseball game between the FDNY and Chicago. All proceeds will go to Fallen Heroes. Check out our website for more information. Remember FDIC April 22nd to 27th. And now to the news. From Indianapolis, and this one is personal, the Indianapolis Fire Department responded to a suspicious fire this week at St. John's Catholic Church in the city's downtown, right next to the FDIC. This church is a focal point for Catholic firefighters when we're attending the FDIC. Indianapolis police officers were called when an alarm sounded for possible burglary. According to a report from the Indie Public Information Officer, simultaneously the alarm sounded for possible fire inside the church. Investigators found inside the church an area where the lobby and the sanctuary met. There was a lot of damage there to the poor box and the papal flag was burned. No damage was done to the altar or pews but black smoke did fill the entire church. Firefighters made quick work of the fire inside the church but the cause of the fire and the entry point to the church are still under investigation. Firefighters should all take note that hate crimes like this occur frequently to churches and that we've had many line of duty deaths involved in church fires. Thankfully no one was hurt at this particular fire. But I encourage everybody to go and look at the Niosh reports on church fires and pay attention to some of the hazards we face there. It's critical that we pay attention and learn from our prior experiences. From Michigan, a 22 year old Mattawan firefighter fell ill while traveling to a fire, the other evening. He was in full cardiac arrest by the time other responders reached his vehicle, about a quarter mile from the station. Nate Fruin was pronounced dead, a short time later at a Kalamazoo hospital. Nate and another firefighter were bringing water and refreshments to firefighter at a house fire, which is about four miles away from the station. Nate joined the department in 2009, the year he graduated from Matawan high school. Matawan fire chief Terry McClain said Frewen was a healthy kid and had no history of heart problems. The chief said that his death will be classified as a line of duty death, with full honors. And that is in accordance with the family's wishes, and as it should be. Our sympathies and our prayers go to Nate's family, and to everyone that served with him. And all his friends back there in Battawan. Now, from the vault. I hope you're enjoying this series as much as we're enjoying putting them together for you. This week's From the Vault sheds an interesting perspective on how we deal, or view, today's modern fuel load. In this week's From the Vault we shared a presentation piece from the 1954 FDIC written by an underwriter's laboratory engineer name D.L. Britling. The piece is called Pretty Plastics, Ugly Fires. In this article, Mister Britling talks about modern plastics. And you well at the time were evaluating them to see how they would burn so that they could be cataloged correctly for the fire hazard classification system. One fascinating comment reads, not all plastics are bad actors when it comes to fire, but make no mistake about it, Mr. Britney was well aware of the dangers of plastics. And he writes with tremendous clarity about how its important to classify plastics correctly. He includes, concludes by stating that he would not condemn the use of all plastics in building materials, but clearly recognizes the fire hazards of plastics as building materials. Is predicated largely on their composition, specifically shape and use. Today researches that do well in this are looking at today's plastics. The composition of these plastics has changed and new materials are being used in the development of. Plastics, and as such polymer based materials, like open cell foam, we look forward to seeing some of this new research as to the heat release rates, spread, and toxicity of these products going forward. Finally, we'd like to close this newscast with referencing you a piece that was written by Kevin Shea. Our good friend. And it's From at the Bottom of the Crater. Fire fighters constantly say we would never forget. And I'd like to believe that. I'd like to believe we mean what we say. But this week as sat their in my office on February 23rd, 20 years after the first World Trade Center bombing. I thought it might be interesting to see how many sites had anything about the 20th anniversary. And what I found was disturbing. There was little, if anything, written about that awful, horrible day. That harbinger of the tragedy that was to come. On that February day, 20 years ago, six Americans lost their lives and a thousand were injured. Among those injured was my good friend, FDNY firefighter Kevin Shea, a dedicated hero who had on many occasions, laid his life on the line in order to save others, including the epic rope rescue with him and Patty Brown and Ray McCormick. Please go to fireengineering.com and read from the bottom of the crater. It's a story that Kevin wrote about his survival after falling 40 feet, and becoming impaled on the rebar at the bottom of that crater, caused by those bombs, set by those Islamic terrorists, in their attempt to collapse the World Trade Center. At Fire Engineering, we never forget. Remember, go to FDNYSymposium.com and get registered for the FDNY 2013 Symposium. Learn from the best about how they responded to and mitigated superstorm Sandy. FDIC is right around the corner. It's gonna be an absolutely wonderful time. The weather should be perfect. Come and join me at the main program on Wednesday and Thursday. Join us at the fun run on Thursday night. The stair climb Friday afternoon. Friday night we'll close the whole thing out with a union open house. I know it's gonna be great time. Go to FDIC.com and register today. And I'll see you there. I'm Bobby Halton. This has been a weekend review and remember, be careful out there. [MUSIC]

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