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Week in Review: February 15, 2013

Fri, 15 Feb 2013|

Join Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton to discuss some of the pertinent fire news from this week.



[MUSIC] Hi and welcome to The Week In Review. I'm Bobby Halton and thanks for clicking on us. This week, we're being brought to you by FDIC. The worlds oldest, largest, and most comprehensive fire fighter training conference in the world. The little over two hundred classes, eighty workshops, and twenty-one hands on training evolutions FDIC brings you over five hundred of the worlds greatest fire service instructors. Nothing, nothing comes close to it in training. Theres not a better bang for your buck than FDIC. FDIC is also the host of the largest exhibition of fire service equipment and apparatus in North America. The floor of FDIC is a training experience in of itself. Nowhere in the world is there as great an opportunity to meet with over one thousand different vendors, manufacturers, and equipment distributors. It's an incredible opportunity to learn more about our equipment. What it's designed for? What it's capabilities are? What it's limitations are and how you can keep your folks better prepared and better protected for the challenges ahead. Go to fdic.com and register today to be part of the 30,000 fire fighters who gather annually for the greatest fire conference in the world. And don't forget, this year at FDIC our friends from KME are giving away a light duty truck to a lucky attendee. You can watch the Scott/sp firefighter challenge. And everyone, I mean everyone should be participating in the 9-11 stair climb. This is a memorial to our fallen 343. And you should also be participating in the courage and valor fun run. Go to fdic.com click on special events and go to the stair climb. Select the FDNY fallen hero that you want to climb for specifically. The week starts off with the fools bash on Wednesday night downtown where 30,000 of your closest friends will be enjoying a night on the town and some adult beverages. In Indianapolis, followed by Thursday's fun run at 6:00, Stop Drop Rock and Roll at 7:00, and Friday night it's the Union Party at Indianapolis Union Fire Hall. FDIC, there's nothing like it. It's been the best for 85 years. Go to FDIC.com, register today, and now, let's take a look at the news. Investigators say that unsafe conditions led to a wildland firefighter's death. An investigation into last year's death of a 20 year old wildland firefighter, at an Idaho fire, cites several citations that they claim could have been avoided. Anne Veseth, Veseth, was killed by a falling tree at the Steep Corner Fire in August 2012 in an area that an elite firefighting crew had reportedly abandoned because they deemed it too dangerous. OSHA says that many safety protocols were not followed. Inspectors found four poor communications, a lack of planning for escape routes, helicopter bucket drops without warning to ground crews, and crews working amid hazardous trees, and a clear potential for trees to domino. OSHA cited two violations for work safe, safety violations to the fire service. In Indiana, an Indiana firefighter is hurt after a fall into a basement. A probationary firefighter suffered minor injuries Sunday night after falling 10 feet into a basement in a residential fire. The injured firefighter, Adam Lucas, was transported, treated, and released and returned to duty the same night. Deputy Chief Jamie Mitchell, the incident commander, credited the quick actions of Lieutenant Ed Cripe and firefighter Kevin Watkin in rescuing the downed firefighter. You know, we're hearing more and more reports about firefighters falling through floors, and second and third-story floors collapsing onto firefighters. We would do well to consider every platform we're working on above a fire to be compromised. We would also do well to consider every building we're working in, regardless of its age, to be lightweight and at high risk. Renovations, remodels over the years render virtually every building we're in high risk and dangerous when operating on the floor above. Hey, go to UL's fire, site and they've got a whole thing on collapse and buildings and floor collapses. It's ul.com. Go to the fire behavior stuff and take that class. Great class on fire collapse and floor collapse. Get educated. Understand the risks. In Colorado. The sheriff says that the Dorn, Dorner cabin fire was not set intentionally. The San Bernardino County Sheriff John McCann, McCann, said that the fire in the cabin where Christopher Dorner died was not intentionally set. He said teargas canisters fired into the cabin, apparently set off the fire. This is a tragic incident, and the horrible man Dorner is an abomination. And I believe that the sheriff is being 100% honest. However, I have noticed in my 35 year career, and I've been at may swat type situations. That tear gas dos not get bad guys out of buildings. Apparently, these bad guys have these high tech tear gas protection devices called sleeves. But the fire that these tear gas canisters create generally drives them from the building. So tactically let's have a quick tactical point. When we're called to do a standby at these types of situations when the squad cat, cats are working. Whenever the cops let us know, they're gonna use tear gas, make sure you inform them of the fact that there's a high potential for fire with their use. The scene is generally under police control. So let them know, if a fire results, you may not be able to enter and extinguish it, unless the threat, the bad guy, decides to surrender, due to the fire. Hey that's it for the news. Remember that in Don't Eat Castro's we'll be doing a webcast on leadership this Tuesday the 21st at 1 p.m eastern. If you've never heard An Donny speak, he's amazing. He'll be keynoting at F-D-I-C this year. Hands on training classes are already selling out and several are sold out. Please go to the 911 stairclimb site and climb with us. At FDIC on Friday afternoon Climb for Fallen Hero. I'll be carrying my friend Pete Gantze's picture. Come climb with me. I'll also be running in the sixth annual Courage and Valor Fun Run. If you're serious about health and wellness it's time to stop talking about it. And time to do something about it. Come run or walk with me, Ricky Lasky, Johnny Salka, Billy Goldfeder, Ray McCormick, and 700 other dedicated firefighters on Thursday evening, and then we'll all walk over to Stop, Drop, Rock, and Roll and have a beverage. I'm Bobby Halton and I'll see you at FDIC 2013. [MUSIC]

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