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Full VES Training Evolution

Thu, 28 Jun 2012|

Dave Decker and company demonstrate a real-time vent-enter-search training evolution.



[MUSIC] Welcome to Fire Engineering's Training Minutes. My name's Dave Decker. Over the last couple of months we've looked at vent enter search. Today, in the final segment, we're gonna look at a full scale vent enter search evolution in real time. Our firefighters have identified the second floor window to perform vent enter search. Because of the height of this window they're using a hook ladder rather than the extension ladder. [SOUND] Firefighter number two is taking out the window. After firefighter two sets the rescue angle, he's gonna grab the hogan/b bar and the closet hook. He's going to hang those up as high on the ladder as he can. [NOISE] In the meantime, firefighter number one is gearing up getting ready to up the ladder to clear the window. And firefighter two also is gearing up ready to up the ladder. [BLANK_AUDIO]. Firefighter number one then climbs the ladder. Grabs his closet hook. He's going to completely clear the window. Remember, it's important to clear all the glass, the frame work, the curtains, the blinds. Everything. [NOISE]. So firefighter one completely takes out the window, blinds, curtains, glass. Making sure everything's clear. Once the window is completely taken out, he's going to sweep the floor, and then sound the floor. He then sets his, closet hook on the window sill. And then, he goes on air, prior to entering the room. Once firefighter 1 goes on air, the firefighter enters the room, goes to the floor, scans the room. Then, the firefighter makes their way to the bedroom door to control it. [SOUND] At this point, firefighter number two is staged at the top of the ladder, not on air, monitoring the conditions of the room and the firefighter with the thermal camera. [SOUND]. After closing the door the fire fighter then is going to do a quick primary search of the room. [SOUND] Once they find the victim they're going to let firefighter number two know that they have found them and then they're going to take the victim to the window. I found the victim. I found the victim. You also need to notify command by the radio. Now firefighter number one is going to hand the victim out to firefighter number two who is waiting on the ladder. They get the victim in position and they lower the victim to the ground [SOUND]. And then firefighter one exits the room down the ladder. And the VES in complete. [BLANK_AUDIO] We just watched a real-time Vent Enter Search training evolution. Through training skill and experience, you too can master VES. Thanks for watching Training Minutes. I'm Dave Decker. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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