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127 - Roll Call Tips

Wed, 14 May 2014|




[MUSIC] Hello. My name's Buddy Cales, I've been a fire investigator for the last 30 plus years in both the public and the private sectors. I've also been an instructor of the FDIC since 1997. And while, over that course of time, I thought a variety of fire investigation related topics there. What I wanna talk to you about for a few minutes this morning is that exterior examination that you conduct as the fire investigator when you're called to a scene to determine the origin and the cause. How comprehensive and how important. Important that 360 exterior examination should be. It is governed obviously by the scope and the intensity of the fire. But the exterior of the building can tell you a lot. You should not overlook taking the time to go around the entire building and all six sides of that exterior of the structure. The four walls, the level below and the level above. The exterior of the building can provide you with a myriad of important information, oftentimes leading you in a possible direction as to the origin and, potentially, the cause of the fire that you're called upon to investigate. Documenting, through photos and in your words, in the reports that you write. The exterior examination that you conduct in the, at the building should be just as important you as what you do on the inside. It should be just as important to you as where and how that fire starts the origin and the cause of the fire. Each step that you perform at the fire investigation scene has meaning and you should approach each one of those steps with just as much importance and da, determination. Appreciate your time today. And remember whatever you do, at any scene you respond to, safety should be your number one priority. Thanks again.

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