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Summer Situations

Mon, 9 Jun 2014|

Mike Ciampo reviews several hazards that may present themselves at summer calls.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Receiving an alarm ticket for a child caught in a fence, be prepared, you'll never know what type of fence. It could be a wrought iron fence or a chain link fence. If you'll notice this fence. It's chain link and it's tied into the post with little wire ties. It's very simple to remove. Start the hag in point, put pressure on the fork and lift upward and you'll snap the link. That's it. Keeping the revenue stored inside the rubber gloves. This way we can dime and lash a patient to a backboard or the stokes. Always keep a backboard in the stokes basket so you're prepared to remove a victim or for a firefighter removal. Approaching a fence, always size up each side. Look at the hinges, the lock assembly, and what it's made of. Decide where you're gonna attack it. Many times, attacking the hinges instead of the lock will be easier. If you notice on this. Fence. The pin is very easy to knock out of the hinge. And it will go quicker than cutting the lock assembly or the fence. In this close up of the hinge you can notice the pin. Many times they might have a cheap cotter pin in the hole, which can easily be broken out. Simply knock up the pin and you'll release the hinge, opening the gate from that side. When you encounter a chain and a padlock, either attack the chain or the padlock. Make your decision. Remember, a bow cutter or an iron saw or the Halligan will always work. On the top of this fence, you'll notice that it is braided or twists. Many times children climbing over will get their pants caught in there or there may be impaled on these top parts.