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Old Stomping Grounds, Part 3

Thu, 3 Jul 2014|

Kevin Shea shares some tips about hunting whitetail as he visits one of his old haunts in New York.



[MUSIC] At the point now where I looked around and showing what I do with the camera. Things I look for and, you know, kinda get a feel for what's going on. So, I'm travelling light today. This is not a hunting trip, this is a trip back to New York to visit my children and grandchildren, but I just enjoy being by my old woods I know. So, although I don't expect us to be very productive, I still grabbed my bow, take down bow, right in my suitcase, have some arrows made, keep them here at the grandkids' house, I walk through the woods while everybody's at work or at school. So, although this is not the most productive, If I wanted to be productive at white tail, I'd either be in some kind of a blind, I'd be up in a tree. To enjoy myself, and I have killed a deer with the bow, probably come by a tree like this and I would wait. 15, 20 minutes just standing here. I don't have my binos with me, I don't have. But I would check the wind. I even want the wind coming in my face, or on an angle this way or an angle that way. I want the wind going this way. Then I'm going to start steal up that way very slow. It's about twelve o'clock in the afternoon right now. So I would try and catch them, you know, bedded down. Find those binoculars, I look at the whole place. I look for a long time. Just look for the tip of an ear sticking out. I'll look for an antler that looks like a branch. Watch and watch, and watch. And then I'll try and stalk up a little bit. And when I stalk, it'll be real slow. First, more than stalking up on an animal, I'm kinda looking to make sure there's no animal there, really. And then I just move from tree to tree, and I'll just slowly go up to the next tree, real slow, and before I move I looked to make sure that there were no animals near by. Okay, this looks like a scrap here. I get some activities kicked up there a little bit, a little scrap, here's the licking branch above it. So looking for that too. That's where they, you know, the bucks will pee down their leg over their tarsal gland, mix the urine and gland scent on this spot and they'll come back and check this. I've read different things. Guys will hunt rub lines, guys will hunt scrapes, um...I get some conflicting information from the experts, but you know, I like it all, I try it all myself. Some guys will hunt rub lines and then I read another book and it says, rub lines are mostly visited nocturnally at night, so you can't hunt them. I don't know if that's true or not, then scrapes... I was told that, during the rut, the buck will visit the scrape a few times a day where he might not revisit the rub line once every day or two. I'm reading all the stuff. It's conflicting information. It's all good. I think it's whatever you connect with. You know what your rubs are. You know what your scrapes are. And, you're just trying to hunt them all. Probably none of them is as effect as a. Food source and getting off the you know, off the food line whether it's on a, a farm or a food plot you made yourself and then get back off of it 20, 30 yards because I found that when the does come right out to the food source, like if all the paths are going from the woods to the food source. There'll be a crossing, lane, a crossing trail, and find that that's bucks sometimes cruising back and forth, so I'd get off the food source maybe 20 to 50 yards in the woods on crossing trails if I can find them, otherwise I look for scrapes like this, and that's it, then more time in the woods. [NOISE] Not a scrape. We're just heading back to hugh's house, and I got another scrape right here. So, looking branch above it, yeah, I can see it, that's a fresh scrape. So, see it's all torn up here, the leaves are all torn up, I don't know if you can catch that in the. On this camera but it's all torn up, and there's a scrape right here. So I heard conflicting things about this too. Sometimes I gotta be careful. It'll, it'll look like a scrape, but when I see it in a V. You know, compared to the inner circle, if I see [UNKNOWN] all torn up in a lot of areas, that I find here anyway, sometimes turkey scratching and you'll see a whole flock of turkeys come by. I also read some things, I mean I love reading this stuff all the time. So much better than proper training manuals which are incredibly boring. But I read about the strapes and I like to try different things. So make a scent now every states different where it's legal some places you can use scent to track some places you can't just like some states you can bait which I don't care to do. Some states you can't. With the scrapes some guys find like a different kind of scrape so you can make a mock scrape an invitation scrape and that might annoy dominant buck in the area he'll come check it to find who the little guy is and chase him away. Other guys, other hunters will pee in the scrape. They take a leak in the scrape, and that mixes again with the scent, and it annoys the dominant buck if he made the scrape, that there's another buck around. And that might, you know, in the rut when they're going crazy, that might bring him back to the scrape to check more often. And if you have a tree stand placed with a good shot for this scrape. Maybe it will pay off. I mean I hear all kinds of conflicting reports. You know, I'm not a professional hunter, I just love this stuff and I'm getting as much enjoyment out of firing what the pros write about and finding myself and then experimenting. This worked this time, this didn't work another time, and... All good stuff. I'm having a good time. I keep my wind indicator powder with me. You know, I have that whisper wind or liquid smoke's another one. I use that. And like I said, still hunting with the bow is certainly not productive, but it's real enjoyable. I see a lot of small game and what else can you do? You know, it's, if it's this or nothing, this is what I'm gonna do. And that's just more time for us in the woods, more time to see what's going on, and I love it. Can't get enough of it.