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The Job: Effort

Fri, 11 Jul 2014|

P.J. Norwood offers some thoughts on how leaders can impact the efforts of their teams in the firehouse.



Welcome to Fire Engineering with the Job, today's video blog, I'm P.J. Norwood. Today we're gonna talk about effort. Each and every one of us puts effort into our job each and every day. Some days we give a little more. But there are definitely those days we give a little less. There are just those days where any effort is a challenge. In our profession, there is no room for less than 100 percent, each and every day on the fireground. But today, I want to talk about the effort within the firehouse. We all have those members or shifts that don't pull their weight. They surface clean, they don't do their truck checks, they do their training, they do all the tasks that they're supposed to. However, their level of commitment and effort is not like the other shift. This is a leadership problem, it's a leadership issue. However, the leader may be the problem. So what can we do? My recommendation, don't focus or worry on what someone else is or isn't doing. Counteract the problem by giving 5% more today in everything you and your shift does. Will this fix the other shift? Probably not. But if you stop focusing on their performance and you put that energy into yours and your shift's performance, those around you will be that much better. There will come a time when the other shift remembers performance will be so far behind they will have to improve or will be noticed by all. So let's hear it. Do you have that shift? Give it a try and let us know what you did to get 5% more, and let us know the results that you have seen. Join the conversation. Post your comments below and let's hear it. What have you done to give more today than you did yesterday. Thanks for listening. I'm PJ Norwood with Far Engineering and today's video blog, the job.