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Keeping Yourself Alive: Webbing Raise

Tue, 15 Jul 2014|

Chief Scott Thompson of The Colony (TX) Fire Department and company demonstrate raising a down firefighter from a lower level using webbing.



[MUSIC] Welcome to Fire Engineering Training Minutes, I'm Scott Thomson. Today we're gonna demonstrate one method of raising a firefighter from a lower level. Let's say the floor collapsed, and he fell into the basement. The first thing we wanna do is grab some interior doors and sit them parallel with our weight baring walls so we can distribute some weight. In this particular scenario we're going to use four fire fighters although it can be done with two. We're going to use webbing since most fire fighters carry 20 foot or more of personal webbing. The first thing we want to do is lower the webbing into the hole to the down fire fighter. What the down fire fighter is going to do is loosen one side of the SCBA shoulder strap. Placing the webbing through the shoulder strap, and then down around his leg. Once the firefighter signals that he is ready to go we're gonna have one person call the command ready lift, ready lift, bringing the firefighter out of the hole Ready, lift! Ready, lift! So what we demonstrated today was one technique that could be used to get a firefighter up from a lower level. We put some interior doors down to distribute the weight. So we didn't cause an additional collapse. We used personal webbing, lowering it into the hole, so the downed firefighter could put it through the shoulder straps of the SCBA and down around each leg. And then using the command ready lift. We brought him up out of the hole. Thanks for watching Fire Engineering Training Minutes. I'm Scott Thompson

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