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The Job: Goals and Obstacles

Fri, 1 Aug 2014|

P.J. Norwood asks: What goals do you have as a firefighter, and what obstacles are out there that you have to overcome to achieve those goals?



Welcome to Job Face Fire Engineering Video Blog. I'm P.J.Norwood. Today, I want to talk about work related goals. Many firefighters and officers watching this have a goal of being promoted to the next level. Some have a goal of becoming a career firefighter, some to pass Fire One, EMT, or even a paramedic class. And they're those with the tactical goals, such as to successful complete a VEIS and make a grab. Today I want to hear from you in your current goals. I wanna know what goal you achieved and how you achieved it. I also wanna know what crazy roadblocks did you encounter that you had to overcome. Now this may seem, you know, a little silly to some, however, your goals and how you accomplish them is a learning opportunity for all of us. For example, my good friend Frank Richie and 19 other New England Connecticut Firefighters had to file a reverse discrimination lawsuit against their city at their expense. Their case ended up being heard by the Supreme Court. After seven years and an enormous amount of time, money, and frustration, and learning 14 of the new Haven 20 were promoted. Now there's a goal and many roadblocks overcome that we can all learn from. So let's hear it. What did you accomplish? And what challenges did you overcome? Join the conversation by posting your comments below. Thanks for listening. I'm P. G. Norwood with fire engineering's video blog with the job.

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