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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Wed, 6 Aug 2014|

Mike Ciampo on fire department memorials and honors.



On September 11th of each year, so many of us will gather at memorials to pay tribute and honor all those lost at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It's a day to remember our fallen brothers. But also a day to recommit our sworn testament of protecting life and property of the citizens in our communities. This memorial, dedicated to department members, was created by incorporating past history by using the department's first audible alarm signal, a locomotive rim. The rim would be struck with a mall, sending out a loud audible tone for members to respond to the firehouse. When this unit received the new apparatus, the company logo sign was removed from the old rig. It is now prominently displayed on a wall and quarters with a great deal of pride and respect. Throughout firehouses in New York City you will find a sign of department tradition and memorial, the supreme sacrifices plaques located on the firehouse wall. Each company has created a special memorial in honoring their departed members sacrifice and the 343 members lost on 9/11/01. With vows of never forgetting. Supreme sacrifices are often memorialized in firehouses. But it's also very important to honor duty and milestones such as the centennial of service to your community. This plaque is dedicated to all those members who have served with pride and courage over the course of a hundred years.

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