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Roundtable: Door Control

Fri, 15 Aug 2014|

Skip Coleman on recent fire research, door control, and ventilation-limited fires.


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Hi, I'm Skip Coleman, technical editor for Engineering Magazine. This month's roundtable concerns itself with [INAUDIBLE] have done some studies that have brought some new information to us that is pretty much dictating that we change our tactics. One of the advances, one of the, the things that came out of this study is the fact that we need to control the flowpath of air going into and coming out of a structure until we can get water on a fire and darken it down. That required a position now called door control. So my question this month is, how is your department, handling this new position, of door control. Specially in, in some departments that have, less staffing. Three firefighters on an engine company. Even two. And you pull up at the scene of a fire that is a ventilation limited fire and you have to now also control that airflow by controlling that door and making sure that that door remains as close as possible, up against that attack line that's going in through that, that front door, back door, whatever door, you're going in. How are you now handling that additional position? So I'd like you to take a look at the magazine, the digital version if you have it. Take a look at the scenario that I've got in there. And then go online, and find the roundtable, question of the month in fireengineering.com, and give us your comments on how you, and your department, is handling this new position. Thanks and see you next month.

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