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SCBA Emergency Check

Tue, 19 Aug 2014|

Scott Thompson and company demonstrate a method for assessing SCBA malfunctions. Sponsored by American Military University.



[MUSIC] Welcome to fire engineering training minutes. I'm Scott Thompson. Today, we're gonna demonstrate a quick SCBA emergency check. Let's say you're in a hostile environment, and you encounter an SCBA malfunction. The first thing we wanna do is check the regulator, and make sure it's properly connected to the mask. From there, we wanna check the bypass valve to make sure we're getting air to the mask. From there we want to follow the low pressure line back to the cylinder reaching back as far as we can. It's not uncommon to encounter a kink in that line. From there we want to move to the high pressure line. Making sure, number one, it's connected to the cylinder and that there's no problems in that area. From there we want to check the valve and make sure the cylinder's turned all the way on. As you can see, this happened pretty quickly. We went over the steps to make sure we're getting air to the mass. Now, we're gonna have Jeremy demonstrate the procedure in real time. Remember this is an SCBI emergency. It's important to control your emotions, manage your breathing, take the time to do this. Also to let command know the what the situation is. Think about backing out. Changing out your equipment. Regrouping and waiting for the next assignment. Thank you for watching Fire Engineering Training Minutes. We would also like to thank the Sugar Creek Township Fire Department for the use of their training facility. I'm Scott Thompson.

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